May 16, 2006

farm school: the reunion

ah. still happy about my phone. which is sitting next to me now, looking pleased to be back home. happy phone. happy, happy phone. i am beaming at my phone.

so i had an interesting weekend. you know farm school? home of the attacking chickens? i went back for a mini reunion of sorts. see, i was in only the second class to ever graduate from this particular school. the first class was combined (like, started as the first/second grade) and moved up the grades like that. so when i was in 6th grade, the 7th/8th grade class graduated, the first class to ever go through the school. one of the original families who helped found the school had sons in both that first class and my class, and they decided to host a small reunion for the families of these two classes after the annual school Mayfair.

(yes, the mayfair. with a maypole. anyone know how to do a
maypole dance? because i do. goes with shearing sheep and making maple syrup, i guess.)

anyway. i was a little nervous about going back for this. you may remember what i looked like growing up. no? does this jog your memory?

ah. that's hot. that's me graduating 8th grade. do you see my collarbone sticking out of my neck? yeah. yummy. i also love the bun. and the choker. and the white tights with open toed shoes. HOTT. you know, i had to get that dress specially tailored to fit me because i was so effing skinny that even the smallest sizes hung off my pointy bones like a sack. good times.

anyhoo. growing up, i was perhaps not very... what's the word... POPULAR? ah yes, that would be it. and while it never really bothered me all that much, man oh man, the class above me? that 7th/8th grade class? HUGE ASSHOLES. i have often thought back on those days now that i'm like a foot taller and like 70 lbs heavier and way stronger and kind of mouthy. and, i'll admit it, i've fantasized about punching one or two of them. or backing one of THEM up into a corner, now that i'm likely bigger than all those stupid girls. probably still not bigger than some of the boys, but i'd still be ok throwing a punch at some of the meaner ones.

what i'm trying to say is that i wasn't totally sure i wanted to see these people again, despite the fact that we're now "grown up" and "mature." but i went anyway.


reactions of your typical ex-7th/8th grader upon seeing me:

*blank look. has no idea who i am or why i'm there.
*realization that i must be a fellow alum.
*wheels turning... not from their class obviously... must be from the younger class
*dawning comprehension
*following exchange takes place:
(incredulous:) "....alice......??"
"yeah! hi, how's it going?"
"WOW. uh... wow. you look REALLY good."
y'all. one of the 7th/8th graders ASKED ME OUT. because i am now HOT, and also HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

seriously, best reunion ever.


  1. hahaha good for you! I was THE most awkward teen ever...and I went to an all girls' school. Both of those things combined effectively guaranteed a permanent and unwavering "NO" to any reunions...

  2. That's what reunions are all about -- showing up the jerks from your past.

  3. The best revenge is looking fabulous.

  4. So awesome for you. But I think the question here is "did you accept the invitation?"

  5. I thought maybe at farm school the kids would be nicer, like being in tune with nature would make every one slightly hippyish and free love-ish or something. Guess I was wrong.

    But that's awesome, and of course we need to know if you're going to go out with him?

  6. I was hoping to read at least one paragraph where you backed someone up into the corner and busted open a can of Jean Claude Van Damme, but having every guy drool over you and making the ladies envy you is just as good if not better.

  7. That's it alice make them drool then break their hearts!

  8. That is SO COOL. And yes, do tell - DID you accept??

    Glad about your phone too - I haven't gotten a chance to tell you that, I don't think. Need to work on commenting more!!

  9. I totally understand. I was skinny in high school and I went back for my reunion and met an old girl friend at her job. She was like, "Wow! You really filled out!" And there were women there who I thought, "Wow! You lost/gained weight."

    We're so stupid when we're kids.

    So are you going to go out with this guy or just do him then punch him?


  10. i did actually accept the date at the time he asked, but the next morning after the beer had worn off neither of us really felt like going anymore (and i had forgotten it was, oh, MOTHER'S DAY so i should maybe stay home with my mom??). so, no actual date. but that doesn't change anything as far as i'm concerned ;-)

  11. I have to confess that being big enough to physically intimidate people adds to your self assurance if not your gracefulness. I was 5'10" by 14 and not many of my peers messed with me. Actually most avoided me for a few years, but thats another story.

    I LOVE the outfit! It will be cherished by generations to come *G*

  12. WOW! Yes I know how to do a maypole dance too! No one really knows what that is, either! LOL How crazy!

  13. Nice! What a good reunion story. Also, I know how to do a maypole dance. They are done annually at my college.

  14. Yes, you are hot. But, frankly, you looked good back then, too. How many of us looked that great at that age? OK, your glasses were bad. But I bet you didn't pick them out.

  15. Sounds like it was a good time!

    Too bad you didn't know that the other reunion was going on. It was a blast, but they do tend to charge you a bit for things. I thought it was worth it, even though some of my better friends were actually in classes below me. ;)

  16. You think that's bad? You should have seen me...frizzy hair and zits. It was a nightmare.

  17. Lol....go Alice!! That must have been a great feeling.

    But did you say YES when he asked you out?

  18. Hmmm. Perhaps I should read the comments BEFORE I post my own! Duh!!

  19. that makes me happy for you honey..

    I mean.. you are hot.. and I've told you that..

    but to have former classmates say so..

    wonderful aint it?

  20. yay you, Alice! nothing better than an ego-flattering reunion. ahhhhhh.... good for you.

  21. Hahah that's really awesome. I just went to my high school reunion- it's a REALLY cliquish place and I too was apprehensive. But I was pleasantly surprised as well that most everyone was pretty cool to hang out with.

    Just found your blog. Hilarious! Love it!

  22. Good for you, Alice. I will say that we in the blog world have always realized just how awesome you are.

    Glad to see that you and the phone have bonded since the reunion. Sometimes we have to lose someone..erm...something before we realize just how important it is to us.