August 23, 2007

file under: ways to waste time / ways to embarrass myself

i held out on facebook for a loooong time, because dude, i already HAD a myspace profile, and that was embarrassing enough. (note: it quickly morphed into embarrassment over having a myspace profile to embarrassment over how much time i SPENT on myspace. uh, oops.)

however, i am now, like, TOTALLY over myspace, omg, and am completely addicted to facebook instead. and i like how you can tag people in pictures, and then those pictures come up under their albums too, because hey! neato!

except here's the thing. i have personally uploaded 6 photos of myself. and have been tagged in 89 others. that's EIGHTY NINE. and? the majority of those? like, OVER FIFTY OF THEM? are from highschool. let's recall what i looked like in highschool, shall we?

how hot was my bf, btw? despite that godawful shirt, i still convinced him to date me!

that's what we call "healthy hair"

like those tapered jeans and the oversized turtleneck? i was super fashionable. obviously.

so yeah. now when coworkers, friends, potential dates, etc find me? they see 800 pictures of me like this. exxxxxxcellent. heh.


  1. Someone please explain this whole facebook thing please??? I have an account but have no clue how to use it or what to do with it.


  2. OMG. Not that I needed any more reasons, but you just gave me plenty more to STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK. People at work still don't know I blog!

  3. Those jeans had better be Guess. If not, shame on you.

    You are bold to post high school pictures on your own blog. I still consider those the off limit years. Too funny!

  4. After all that I am REALLY glad I did not follow my daughters in there!

    You think you had a problem with your High School Pics? After the girls saw what I wore for glasses they passed out laughing on the floor.

    As far as boyfriends? I think all the guys were either afraid of my brothers or me...same result *L*

  5. Leaf, probably...23/8/07 7:24 PM

    This is why I stick with simple and unassuming bebo. That and I KNOW I'm not going to run into my 50 year old boss there while he's trawling for ladies...

  6. I know the concept of Facebook, but that's about it. How exciting to be "spotted" by others though. Kind of like a celebrity sighting.

    Very cute boyfriend, but you had a natural beauty then. You looked very proper, like a dancer.

  7. Reason number 512 to stay away from Facebook. OMG, high school pictures? Nuh-uh.

  8. These pictures are awesome. And I like how you compound the damage of other people seeing them by posting on your own blog. But really, they're great.

  9. I do enjoy the whole "Breakfast Club" vibe on that last one, Alice.

  10. That is so awesome!!

    You'll have to find me on facebook! I think the email i used for sign up was:

  11. I'm sending you $200 so that you can have your hair professionally done. No thanks necessary.

    Also I quit blogging so don't leave a message on my blog, I'm serious, I was just at Mal's and clicked on you.

    Enjoy your evening.

  12. You were Liv Tyler-esque.

  13. tagging? I don't get it.

    You're definitely rocking t h ose jeans. Very model-esque photo. If I had some high school photos to dig out, I'd definitely do this one.

  14. I have an awesome hair photo of myself in my Facebook album from way back in the day.

    Argh, I can't add you as a friend. I don't know your last name. And apparently there is no "Vienna, VA" network. Imagine!

  15. you can totally untag yourself from any or all of those pictures, by the way.