August 21, 2007

grump. pout. whine.

i am not happy with this tuesday. i am completely aware of the fact that i am overreacting right now and i am completely unable (perhaps unwilling?) to be rational anyway. i am whiny. pouty. grumpy. annoyed. poo.

so here's the thing. i am going to europe this fall. well, i WANT to go to europe this fall. i haven't been back to paris since 2005 and it's hiiiigh time for me to visit my girl christina again. but, i HAVE to see more of europe this time. not that i don't love paris - because trust me, i LOVE ME some paris - but i just can't go all the way across the atlantic again and not explore somewhere new, especially when there's so much there i still haven't seen. so! this trip will be paris plus!

the best fare i've found has been to frankfurt, so hey! guess what! i'm going to germany! (and paris!) except. i can't get the planning to work out right. problems! they keep arising! ARGH! doesn't the universe KNOW it's supposed to be bending to my every whim? i mean come ON folks, we all know the world revolves around me, so it really pisses me off when it occasionally doesn't. and then i pout. and whine. people are not arranging their schedules around my life! wtf! POUT. SNARL. STOMPY MCPOUTERSON.

so. deep breath. i'm sure i'll work something out. hopefully. the universe has not failed me so far, in the revolve-around-me department, so i'm holding out that i won't be disillusioned now. because seriously, you guys, i need to go to germany SO BAD.


  1. Achtung Baybee!

    Remember, what you believe happens will, so start believing the planning will work out instead of focusing on the negative. The Universe is always listening.

  2. ARGH - so jealous! I want to go to Europe so bad. I've been to Vienna, and I would love to go back and take my family. Ah well, someday. : )

  3. I would totally be able to go to Europe if it weren't for monkey jammies and plaid skirts for four year olds that are slowly sapping me of all my cash...

  4. ahhh yes, I remember Paris in the summer of '88. Twas a good year. And the blonde from Virginia was fun too.

    Good times!


  5. Aw I hate it when stuff like that happens. My fingers are all crossed for everything to work out for you.

  6. I hope it works out for you to go to Frankfurt! That is right by where my fiance is from and we are going there in November--I have never been, but he swears it's great. So, good luck!

  7. It's a short train ride to anywhere else in EU. Get a Eurail pass and go hog wild. :-)