August 17, 2007

what's in a name

i have some friends who don't like the idea of dating someone new who shares a name with one of their exes. i don't have that particular problem, personally - partially because i don't associate the emotions from past relationships with the guy's name or whatever, and partially because jacquelyn and i hardly ever refer to men in our lives by their actual names. (some current / recent interests: [genericboyname]1, [genericboyname]2, AND [genericboyname]3; frisbee boy; arms; gatorboy; the gay unicorn, etc.)

ANYWAY. my point was supposed to be that i don't necessarily rule out a guy due to his name. except! i was wrong. there is at least one name i can't do. it may help to have this little convo out loud:

dude who approaches me at a bar and chats me up: blah blah blah. so, my name is Dallas, what's yours?
me: ::blank stare::
dude: ::looks encouragingly at me::
me: your name is Dallas?
dude: well, yeah. but you still haven't told me your name?
me: my name is.... Alice.
dude: shut the f*ck up.
me: i know. you realize we can never date now?
dude: yeah. too bad.

what makes this even more ridiculous is that this is the SECOND GUY NAMED DALLAS that i've met while out in the past 6 months. please allow me to remind you that i live in northern virginia. two of them. named dallas. and both have hit on me. that's quite the track record.


  1. Does this mean that you're going to get hit on by two Lesbians named "Houston"?

  2. probably only if my middle name were "shouston."

  3. So I wouldn't totally rule out rhyming names -- my parents are "Andy and Sandy". It's not so bad, as long as you're not totally retarded and name your kids "Candy and Randy" or something equally as rhymy and stupid.

    As far as not dating someone who shares a name with an ex, thank god I don't subscribe to that theory. Because I dated two Chris's in the MONTHS prior to meeting my current Chris. Third time's the charm and all that.

  4. OK, I laughed so hard at the Dallas/Alice that I choked. That is a solidly hilarious dating scene story. Precious!

  5. That is priceless! And yeah, what are the odds that there are two guys named Dallas living in Virginia?

  6. That is so funny. I love his response to hearing your name: he IMMEDIATELY comprehends the issue.

  7. The Gay Unicorn?!? I've GOT to hear that story.

    Anyway, it is odd. You'd think in northern Virginia they'd be named Dulles. HA HA HA HA HA


  8. There must be a lot of people in Northern Virginia who really enjoyed Matt Dillon's performance in "The Outsiders." They could've named their kids Matt. Or even Dillon. But no.

  9. hehe! Dallas and Alice. You'd be so cute. maybe not.

  10. New to your blog by way of Bossy (she rules!). So, what's worse ... dating a guy with the same name as an ex, or ... accidentally calling your current beau by the name of an ex (not to his face, but maybe in conversation)??? Aaaahhh, the trials of dating!

  11. try calling your son-in-law by way of your EX-son-in-law's name. talk about crawl in a hole and want to die!

  12. Coulda been worse.

    You could have been called Debbie.