July 03, 2007

beach! and bridesmaids! oh my!


just quick note to say that i am still enjoying the office, especially after my first official day in the new job, and also i will be MIA (well, more than usual) (again) because i am going to THE BEACH! until Sunday. wheee!

also there will be many bridemaid dress party pictures to come, because oh my god:

why yes, that is a slew of ladies in the metro with bridesmaid dresses! so glad you asked.

also can we talk about the wifey's dress? there will be closeups later. trust me, you need them.


  1. I visit your blog for the first time since your year-long hiatus and you have the audacity to take a long weekend?!?

    The shame, Alice. The shame...

  2. HAAAAAAAAA. Teh pictures? AWESOME. Teh party? EVEN BETTER.

    See you at TEH BEACH.

  3. Red and green dresses? Christmas in July? :P

  4. That teal and black number is quite something.

  5. my eyes! my eyes! ARRRGGGGHHHH

    *L* I love the pics... where is all the stains that are should be on them?

  6. And me with out my Tux....Damn.

  7. "You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

    escape?? with a goat and a slinky to occupy me? surely you jest."

    This is just beyond excellence!!! I come via
    I appreciated seeing the support for him from another feminist. And I love your Bridesmaids' Dresses party. What a fun idea!!!

  8. !!!COUGH!!! - write something ...