July 19, 2007

if a picture is worth a thousand words, this is a really long post.

hi! back again! i've been busy, folks. first, obviously, there was the bridesmaid dress party, which really could not have rocked any harder:

then there was a week of vacation in the Outer Banks, which was fabulous! beautiful hot sunny weather every day, excellent group of people, lots and lots of beer:

and then last weekend, i went tubing on the shenandoah and camping for the night nearby afterwards. then we went to luray caverns in the morning, which i've heard ads for almost all my life and turns out IS actually pretty neato:

and now! it's almost the weekend AGAIN, and my sister is coming down to visit me (YIPPEE!) and we're going tubing (again) on saturday and i can't wait. it turns out you really can't tube enough in one summer that you get sick of it. although you should know that while twizzlers may SEEM like a good choice of snackfood to bring tubing with you (me: they're like rubber! they can get wet!) you would in fact be wrong to make this assumption. very very slimy and wrong. fyi.

in other news, my kitten is still awesome.

i haven't been posting OR reading other blogs, so hopefully that re-haitus was brief and now over and i can jump back into blogging civilization now. you can chuckle at my naive sense of my own commitment, it's ok.


  1. Great posts, great photos, but you've posted two pictures that were on your wife's blog first. Shaaaaayyyyyme! ;P But on a closing note, you still look good in spelunking gear, even if it's just the hard hat with a flashlight.

    Have fun with your sister, and for some reason, when you mention your sister, I keep hearing the phrase, "A lady in the street, but a freak in the bed..," Now why's that? ;)

  2. you have some hot friends ... the women I mean ...


  3. There ARE pictures! Lol! -And I just found the rest on your Flickr photo album! :D