April 11, 2006

Big News the 4th (now with less wine)

amazing how the head clears when several glasses of wine are no longer involved...! i now remember Big News #4:


this is really pretty exciting, as i somehow managed not to own my own computer since college, and i didn't actually BUY that one. (thanks dad!!) but at Evil Job Of Death, they provided you with your own laptop to better ensure that you can work 18 hrs a day and not have to get offline just because you happened to, say, go home. so naturally i'm now addicted to having a laptop and can't possibly contemplate life without one of my very own. so! i went and bought one. i'm pretty certain that aside from my car, this is the biggest purchase i've ever made. and my car only kind of counts, since i have a loan for that. this, however, was all paid, by me, right now, in one very alarming lump sum. but i own a computer now! it's very pretty, and i like it very much, and i'm not telling you what kind it is because i don't want to hear horror stories about this make/model now that i can't return it anymore. ;-)

ah, my new job. hee. so far, it's pretty awesome. it's similar to my old job, with two notable exceptions:

-so far, i've liked everyone here that i've met. i can't so much say that for EJD (Evil Job of Death)
-i no longer have to spend my days rooting around ancient and virtually unresolvable financial mishaps trying to miraculously cure billing and revenue problems for mean people who yell a lot.

see? two significant improvements :-) also - and this is FREAKING FABULOUS - my cube has a window. OH YES. A WINDOW. this is big. this is amazing. if New Company was trying to win me over, they suuuuuure did it right. a window, people!! i am all happy grins and snoopy dances (to use a
Natalia term) due to direct exposure to sunlight. love you, sunlight!

back to my new work now...

pls excuse if there are even more typos than usual today as i must publish w/o editing.


  1. I cannot tell you what a difference it made in my life when I moved to an office where I could SEE THE OUTSIDE.

    Working in a cave is only for moles and the like.

  2. Snoopy dances...I love that.

    Sounds like you have many reasons to do many of them.

  3. I work in an open plan office with windows on every side. I wish I worked in a windowless cube where my team leader couldn't see my screen, damnit.

  4. I like the shoulder-shrug and shoe-shuffle dance that one of those kids does in It's a Charlie Brown Christmas.

  5. YAY! Congrats. How exciting! I'd love to hear more about what you do - I'm still catching up. :)

    A brand new computer is so exciting. I dunno why - I guess because it's totally empty of any projects (and mistakes!) so it kind of has that "new slate" feel to it, like starting a new semester at school.

  6. I am not sure how I ever got along without a laptop. I bought my first one in 1985, but PDA's today have more horsepower. I really started getting mobile 5 years ago and it still amazes me.

    I am glad the new job is going well *S*. It is so much nicer working in a postive environment.

    It is good to have you back *S*

  7. Over from fuckkit's place - happy new job and happy new computer! Lovely blog, too! Hope to come back more often now that I've 'discovered' you!

  8. I like my job but I wish I had a window. As it is, I don't even have a "cube". I sit behind a partial wall, right in front of the door. So every delivery man, mailman, moron looking to sell something, etc walks directly up to me no matter how busy I am and then I have to stop what I'm doing to deal with them. It's annoying. Also, if anyone comes in and shoots up the place, I'll be the first one to go. We're moving to a bigger office, but the downside is that we're moving from SoHo to Wall street. SoHo is such a great neighborhood. I'm not looking forward to being around all the suits. Also, it makes me a little nervous being in the Financial District.

  9. Oh yaay you are snoopydancing... *snoopydances herself* I noticed the trend spreading in the blogosphere :) Me likey de snoopy dance :)

    And soooo happy that things are going well. Work environment is almost as important as the job itself!

    Cheers to that!


  10. Ahhhh the life of a porn star! Will you let us see cuts and deleted scenes?

    Window office ... usually takes years to get that. They must like you.


  11. Alice, have not heard the latest. CEO's want 24 hour work days now!

  12. You have a window?! I just have 4 walls. Four fucking walls...

    Can I come work with you?

  13. It starts with the snoopy dance, then later becomes the cabbage patch then finally into the running man on top of your desk. You've been warned.

  14. And over the hills, and through the streams, my dreams flowed and ebbed in time with the wind whispering through the trees. The slight rustle might be confused with a loud cheer from a distant host. A multitude of caring souls with nothing but smiles.

  15. And if you get that, perhaps you should put the wine glass down. :-)

  16. Wow, I so miss having an office with a window. Of course, I miss having an OFFICE... but I will not get started on that, it's just depressing.

    Yay new job and I LOVE my laptop. It's the perfect accessory for a chronic multitasker like me. I watch tv with it, I can take it onto the veranda... I even take it into the kitchen so I can look at recipes online (I don't have a printer) and chat on yahoo while I cook!

  17. fucking awsome on the new job babe!!

    I have a window too!! we can bask in the sunlight together!! woot woot

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