April 09, 2006

i'm back! with many Big Newses

you guys!! it's been so long! i have so much to tell you! so much big news to share! i apologize (YET AGAIN) for being a crappy blogger. this time, it was because i had the audacity to give my notice at the old job.

did you catch that? yes? my OLD JOB??! the one i am NO LONGER EMPLOYED AT? (with? for? whatever) yes.. yes... big news number one is:


i feel free! light! liberated! gleeful! i'm a new woman! WHEE! (ps: silvia, i am sure you'll be reading this, and, uh, ignore. the job is fiiiiine... no worries... uh, no, seriously, you'll be ok! i hope!)

job of death = why i was unable to blog all last week, though. i wrote an email to my accounts letting them know i was leaving their asses in the dust (but, you know, a little more professional-like) and while i got many very kind emails of well-wishing, i also got eleventy-million emails/phonecalls/conference calls/you name it asking me to finish up just a few (read: 4 brazillion) things before i left. so i ended up even more slammed than i've been recently, on top of training silvia to take over for me (really silvia! not that bad! you'll be fine! please don't hate me in 3 months!). what kind of sucks about silvia taking over for me is that i was really looking forward to leaving unceremoniously and dumping all these shitty accounts with their shitty problems in some stranger's lap, but now that the stranger is silvia... well... i feel bad doing that to her. so i actually tried to resolve some of the issues the teams were hounding me about last week.

and while i do hate (passionately) many of the people i have to deal with at work, i do also work with some awfully nice people. these are the amazingly beautiful orchids that one awesome team sent as a thank you:

aren't they gorgeous?! beautiful! so nice! such nice people :-)

but enough about old job! it's ancient history. so moving on:


that's all i've got on this one. i'm excited and nervous. hee :-)

this next one is REALLY AWESOME, hold on to your hats:


everyone understands how amazing and awesome this is, right? TWO REAL SHOES? real ones? involving no casts and/or ginormous black velcro shoes? AWWWW YEEEEAH!! i've been cleared for shoes on surgery foot, baby! (babies?) i went out and bought quasi-real shoes in celebration this weekend, so i don't have to wear my grody sneakers to my job tomorrow. (because, while cleared to wear shoes, the type of shoe i'm capable of wearing at the moment is limited to pretty much: sneaker.) there's actually a whole other story here... more on that in another post since this one is already 400 pages long.

BIG NEWS #4: ok matt is making dinner, but it's taking a really long time, and i had a glass of wine while i was helping cook, then another when i stopped helping, then matt filled it back up again while i was sitting here typing, and the result is that all of a sudden i'm having a hard time remembering all my big newses. so more on that later. wine calls. happy soon-to-be-monday everyone :-)


  1. LOL. I'm so excited for you!!! You are full of some great news...and TWO shoes. That's huge. Congrats and tell Matt to make enough dinner for me too. I'm hungry.

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  3. Oh..by the way...you should probably change the e-mail address you use on blogger to recieve your messages b/c since you quit your job...anyone leaving comments gets a return address from Alice (gives your last name) saying you're no longer with (gives company name and full name of Sylvia). You know..just in case you don't want everyone getting your personal info.

  4. Congratulations on leaving the old job.

    CONGRATULATIONS...on the new job!


    Okay...I'm way to excited for a Monday morning. I need to go calm down.

  5. When I first read that I thought you wrote "toe shoes".

    Hope you have fun at your new job.


  6. yaaaaaAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

    I'm SO happy for you. I mean, new job, two shoes, wine -- what's NOT to be happy about!

  7. Oh my GOODNESS all the newses!

    Hurrah for new jobs and two shoes.

    And perhaps some flowers for Silvia in about 2 days.

  8. Woohoo...you are back...I was tired of looking at the Mr. Bubble title. And yaay for no more job of death. Although, honestly, I am still very curious about the new job and what it entails.

    Snoopydance for the two shoes...all coming along well I see. :)

    Good to have you back.


  9. Yay for feet and yay for leaving sucky jobs!

  10. Yay! That is so exciting! Congrats to you. I hope you are enjoying your first week.

  11. Oooh I love goingaway presents! Those are lovely orchids, that was so nice!

    And two shoes? Rock ON.

    Now, when are we getting details on this new, non-death job??

  12. Yes, I want to here all about the new job in all its awesomeness. The flowers are soooo pretty. I want!

    And I'm working on a theory on how wine is just one step away from being marijuana in its effects of ethereal contentedness. Ahhh wine.

  13. LOL
    thanks a lot alice!!!

  14. soooooooooooo excited for you honey!!!

    good luck babe!

  15. ooooooo...some one cooking you dinner and filling your wine glass?...wooooo hoooo