March 15, 2006

still life with crutches

so now that i've pledged to write all the time again, i find i have a problem. i don't DO anything anymore. like, ever. today, for example: i woke up, hobbled to the couch, and turned on my laptop. worked until lunch. went and put in my contact lenses. worked some more. watched a little tv. eventually took a shower and got dressed. played a little piano. drove to matt's house.

in other words: YAWN.

i don't do anything, see anyone, or go anyplace... and there are certainly no hijinks anywhere close to ensuing. the most exciting thing i can think to write about is either the vaguely gross* trials and tribulations of my foot recovery, or the times i've fallen off my crutches.

[this has happened twice, incidentally. once, spectacularly, while trying to talk on the phone and crutch at the same time, which resulted in a full-blown clatter of fallen crutches and collapse of self onto sidewalk (no further injuries sustained). the second time was just last night, at the end of my drum lesson, when i started to leave my kit and then couldn't remember if i'd released the doohickey on my snare drum, so i turned and leaned over the set to look, which is turns out is not really a maneuver one can perform whilst on one foot, and let me assure you, falling INTO a drum set is an awkward and loud sort of event. also embarrassing, when your drum teacher is standing RIGHT THERE.]

tomorrow, i go to my good friend the orthopedic surgeon to get new x-rays of The Foot and, fingers crossed, the go ahead to ditch the crutches. i had a nightmare last night that when i showed up, the doctor looked at the x-ray and went "hmm.. well, we re-set the bone, but it looks like it just migrated back to where it used to be. we're going to have to go back in and put some pins in." and in my dream, i wasn't upset about having to have surgery again... nope, i was devastated that i had to start the recovery period back from square one. with drugs and nausea and at least another month on crutches and everything. i REALLY hope that doesn't happen tomorrow. i don't think matt can take much more of my complaining :-)

*vaguely gross = highly disgusting, mostly


  1. Sure, but what about the bedpans? That's what we all want to know.

  2. Oh, best of luck with The Foot.

    I find it gross, and yet, cannot look away.

  3. Yeah! What about the bedpans? You were all bloggy about it before.. did the actual experience make it not such a funny topic?