February 07, 2006

well screw you too, week

y'all... this week is maybe not so great. already. and it's only tuesday. i cringe at what the rest of the week has in store for me. reasons i feel this way:

-monday, i wake up feeling a little... funny. decide to oversleep until funny feeling goes away. funny feeling manifests itself shortly thereafter with a reversal of sunday night's superbowl food. ew. take the morning off, and work from home in the afternoon. am sure supervisors at work think i was hungover from the superbowl. TOTALLY wasn't. seriously. unless "i think the mushroom pizza was bad" counts as a hangover.

-today, am so ready to show up at work and be all worky and a good employee. was staying at matt's house last night. get up and leave, lock door behind me. discover my car is really, really not happy about starting this morning. in that it absolutely refuses to. am now locked out of matt's house, with a broken car. super. am currently working from starbuck's today, which luckily i could walk to from matt's house.

-remember that whole
bedpan conversation? upon further investigation, potential surgery would totally not require a bedpan or anything nearly so serious. however... it's still surgery. consultation with doctor to see if said surgery is required: this thursday morning. am not hopeful now that karma is making it quite obvious i am its bitch this week. drat.

potential surgery, for the record, is not nearly as scary as i'm making it sound. also still potential at this point. (ps: i'm totally saying this to convince myself. i am FREAKED THE FUCK OUT about it.) i'll let y'all know after medical evaluation on thurs what's up...


  1. all surgery should be approached with caution. Our bodies did not come designed for disassembly and easy maintenance. That said, if it needs doing, get it done.

    Good Luck *S*

  2. My car wouldn't start when I got back from Georgia after Christmas. I had flown back alone and spent the whole day wondering, "What is going to go wrong? I KNOW something is going to go wrong. Will I miss my connection? Will the plane crash?" etc. etc. I made it all the way back to my parent's house and my car wouldn't start. So Frustrating! All this is to say I know how you feel.

    And I REALLY hope your doctor's appointment goes well!

    And I REALLY hope

  3. Oops, don't know where that extra "And I REALLY hope..." came from!

  4. Isn't every day like that? Ok, not every day.

    Look at the bright side, you got to stay home from the office for 2 days and work! Not bad sista!


  5. I wish I had surgical words of wisdom.

    I do not.

    But best of luck, and of course if you should, you should, etc.

    I realize I suck at this.

  6. Hey, I also got nothing in the "don't fear surgery" department. Except maybe that I hope karma will let you have a couple days off from being it's bitch. And that I'll be thinking about you! I should go into motivational speaking, don't you think?

  7. It sucks to go through the "I'm karma's bitch" phase. I hope it passes soon and you get some reprieve. Good luck with the surgery...I would be less than thrilled too, to say the least! That's never fun.

  8. At least today is now Wednesday so you're one day closer to the weekend. On the bad side...you keep missing work and you may not have a job to go to Monday. LOL. Bosses are bad about understanding car problems, sickness and doctor visits.

  9. Good luck with the surgery thing, Alice...

    And haven't you got the message, yet? Clearly you aren't supposed to work this week.