February 03, 2006

blue friday

apparently blog reticence is contagious... my turn today. sorry kiddos, not chipper, not bloggy. all i've got for you is a wee IM conversation..
my lovely friend (MLF): what are you doing this weekend?
Me: fumbling to find adequate superbowl entertainment
MLF: when is the superbowl?
MLF: it's superbowl time?
Me: it's on sunday
MLF: ew, really?
Me: yeah
MLF: ugh.
Me: i heart superbowl
MLF: I hate superbowl
Me: ha
MLF: I hate the parties
MLF: I don't mind the football
Me: oh see, i like the parties
Me: i was all trying to find an actual party w/bunches of people
MLF: it involves lots of beer
MLF: I don't like beer
Me: <-- likes beer
Me: <-- and football
MLF: and people yell
Me: <-- yells at tv during football
Me: <-- am, apparently, a man


  1. LOL! I like to watch Superbowl. It's really one of the few football games I will ever watch during a season. hehe

  2. I hate football but apparently I have other manly behaviors which I will post about later this week.

  3. Awwww... Man Alice :) We aprove.


  4. well life is more and more complex or crazy
    depends how you look at it
    anyway come over for some real fun none of this kids stuff

  5. you like beer and football? some guy is going to be VERY lucky *G*

  6. I love watching the Superbowl! Hockey, of course, is my main sports squeeze but I can watch me some football! I must be a man too! Hooray to all the man-girls out there!!!

  7. If you were a Man, would you change your name to MAlice?