February 15, 2006

hump day *giggle*

here i go, slacking on the blog posts again. see, i had this nifty thing to write about, with pictures and everything, but i keep not bringing the memory card with me so i can get the pictures off of it... so i've been stalling.. and.. and.. ok, basically i'm lame. sorry about that.

what i've been MEANING to post about is the sushi party i had last weekend. it was fun.. a party! with my friends! and with sushi! that we made ourselves! every part of that concept is good :-)

i had a somewhat-comical-but-really-just-highly-frustrating evening at various asian food stores trying to accumulate the proper foodstuffs first. man, when nothing in the store is written in english, and none of the employees there speak any english either (not because they're asian, incidentally, but because they all arrived from south or central america roughly 6 hours ago) it makes finding stuff like shredded cod flakes awwwfulllly hard. or even nori, the seaweed sheets. i had to go to a little vietnamese convinience store for those. but! overall, highly worth it, because yay, sushi! and friends!

voila! the two pictures i did manage to download of the event...

so folks, friday is the Momentous Doctor-Approved Breaking Of The Foot. i feel like i should do something super active, like run a marathon or something, while i still have use of both feet. then i realize, haha, i'm so funny, the use of two feet is HARDLY what would keep me from running a marathon. laziness would :-)


  1. I'm getting so nervous for you! Good luck.

  2. Those look delicious...I am really craving sushi but alas must wait to post pregnancy! Great site btw!

  3. It's only 10am, but now I want some sushi - haven't had it in a while. Making it yourself sounds like fun!

    Good luck on Friday!

  4. I can't believe I missed this post, it's sushi (no nigiri, but maki will do). I can't believe I wasn't invited, IT'S SUSHI!!!