February 13, 2006

calling all locals

my friend jim is going to be in a comedy show! thursday the 23rd, 8:30pm, at the Jokes On Us Comedy Club in Laurel, MD. jim is far and away the biggest asshole i know, but he's a damn funny asshole, so this should be a good time :-) you should come, if you can!

312 Main St, Laurel, Md, 20707
$9.47 to get in - CHEAP!

i had a dream the other night that i showed up to watch him and he mocked my blog the whole time. i hope that doesn't actually happen.


  1. I wish I lived up there. I've been wanting to go to a comedy club forever.

  2. $9.47? mmmmm nice round number

  3. Since he's an asshole should we heckle him from the audience if we attend?

  4. hahaha! he mocked your blog!!! you are so me, Alice...

    happy VD! haha.

  5. If I were local, I'd be there. Alas, it shall have to be in spirit.

  6. Sweet, I live close enough to that to swing by. I just might go.

    Good luck with the surgery.

  7. http://www.iansalmon.com/classicrockshow.htm

    check it out. I'm "up and coming".
    If you want to see if I'm funny or not before plunking down the $9.47, you can go TONIGHT to topaz hotel in Dupont Circle, or next Wednesday to Dr. Dremo's. These events are open mic nights and free to all.

    Alice is the only friend I have with a blog. I love you for telling people, alice.

    Walter: Bring it.