January 17, 2006

like i needed ANOTHER reason to be disgruntled at work

i know dasi has covered this phenomenon before as well, but dude, it just pisses me off so much...!! people. i often do not like them. this is one of those times.

so, i don't make a huge amount of money. i mean, nothing to complain about, i can make rent and all, but i don't have like oodles of money left over at the end of the month to buy caviar and furs with. i watch my money pretty well, don't shop very often, etc. one major way i learned to conserve money when i was at the airline (when i really *was* close to not earning enough money to make rent) was to bring my lunch every day instead of eating out. so this week i was extra lazy and bought a bunch of lean cuisine frozen meals for lunch each day.

now, i've had issues with people taking some food before. in those situations, though, it would be like i had brought in lunch meat and cheese and bread at the beginning of the week, and i'd notice one day that someone had eaten some of my cheese. that was annoying, but whatever, maybe they brought their lunch fixings too and didn't realize they were out of cheese, or something. annoying, but not a huge deal. however, knowing this, i took very extra-special care to label my sad little frozen meal boxes. i wrote my name on the top of each, on the bottom of each, and on the side of each where you're supposed to open the box. then, just to make sure you couldn't miss it, i wrote my name on a sticky note and affixed one to the top of EACH ONE.

there were like five other things in the freezer when i put my 4 little boxes in there. i stacked mine up neatly, on one side of the freezer, away from the other stuff. there were no other lean cuisines in there, either.

AND YET, ONE HAS GONE MISSING ALREADY. who does that?? who takes a box, has to get through FOUR DIFFERENT INSTANCES of someone else's name on the box, and STILL EATS IT?? that was my LUNCH!! my whole MEAL! i can't get over how rude and thoughtless and horrible this person is. i am 99% certain that i make less than everyone else on this floor. i am POSITIVE no one here needs to resort to stealing my pathetic lean cuisine meals in order not to starve. the fridge is opposite a vending machine, for f*$k's sake! buy a freaking bag of chips! arrrgghhhhh *strangle choke*

i have a whole new slew of signs i am considering adding to my next installation of food in the fridge. like, perhaps sitting in front of my little food pile:

"STOP. is your name on this food? NO? WELL THEN YOU ARE STEALING."


"i rubbed boogers into one of these items. only i know which one. still thinking stealing and eating one is a good idea?"

or maybe just:


in other news, i am also mad at the vending machine. i wanted to get some breakfast this morning (yeah yeah i know, but i accidentally ate all my breakfast food already... at least i'm bringing lunch, ok? shutup.) anyway. i wanted an item that was 55 cents... i had 2 quarters and a dime. no problem, right? uh, wrong. it wouldn't give me the stupid item because i didn't give it exact change. what?? eat the dumb nickel if you must, but at least give me my food you #*@$$%^ machine....!

ah, look at me, i don't post for days, then grace the blogosphere with this cheeriness :-) you're all very welcome.


  1. I'm angry for you! That's so annoying. Luckily my office is small enough that if someone took my food I'd have no problem going around the office pointing fingers.

    My boyfriend used to live with a guy who would always eat other people's food and when they'd say something he'd say, "I didn't know who's it was." Um, okay, but you know YOU didn't buy it! Someone else's girlfriend was making potato salad there one night and she left a bowl of baked potatoes on the counter to cool and he ate some of them! Baked potatoes!

    Why do people think this is okay?

  2. I'm angry for you as well. Don't even get me started on food thieves. I hate them with a fiery passion. What on earth gives people this sense of ridiculous entitlement that they feel they can help themselves to anything they see?


  3. That sucks bigtime!! For someone to intentionally go through your stuff like that because they were too cheap to get something on their own is uncalled for. I feel your pain on this issue.

  4. You know where this all starts? People peeing on the toilet seats. I betcha my navel lint to French Francs that the same person who's stealing your food is marking the toilet seat at your work place. I'm sorry you had to go hungry, you look like you don't get enough to eat anyway, but I have a recommendation for a "booby trap" if this happens again where someone is stealing your lean cuisine meals.

    Buy one lean cuisine box that looks very appetizing. Leave it out in the sun for a couple of days then refreeze it. Take the thawed out and uncooked refrozen box to work, garnish with your name on the front as usual, but let it sit there for the thief to eat and get sick. If you see someone racing to the restroom or hear someone got food poisioning, voila, you've caught the bastard.

  5. Oh that sucks people are so rude.

  6. People just suck. I'm not sure that you possibly do anything else to discourage them short of putting an alarm on the food.

  7. melt laxative chocolate over donuts. It soon becomes obvious who the food thief is.

  8. Food theft is a common office problem. Just the thought makes me quesy. Especially the 'home cooked' stuff I see in the fridge. Ewww... Sometimes I can barely get past the smell of what other people microwave. Steal it and eat it myself. HELL NO!!!

    Although... as a practical joke, I might be inclined to move someone meal to another freezer if it had say 4 names written on it... Hmmm... lol

  9. Ok, look for the person who is wearing something new...that will show you who is stealing your food. They are just saving their pennies to buy themselves something nice!!!!

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