January 12, 2006

hnt: you almost get cleavage

so first of all: i was all planning on posting an hnt picture of my feet, which are in fact what are requiring The Surgery, but i chickened out at the last minute. see, i need surgery because the feet are.. um... deformed. and i've had some Feet Incidents in the past involving very unfortunate accidents which may have removed big toenails clear off big toes, and, well, the multiple traumas there have left a certain big toenail less than beautiful as well. and i used to live with 2 people who BOTH had enormous feet issues (like phobias! it was so weird! but i've learned that this is not so uncommon, to be disgusted by feet) so i don't want to inflict scary deformed feet pictures on those of you who may have more-adverse-than-can-be-expected reactions.

therefore! you get a shot from new years eve right after i spilled about a gallon of champagne directly down my own cleavage, and matt took a picture to immortalize the moment / make fun of me:
so, while you can't so much SEE my cleavage here, you can take my word that it was champage-soaked. but, um, not like in a porn way.


  1. THANK YOU for not posting the pics of your feet. I'm one of those people who thinks they're disgusting! I'd MUCH rather look at your cleavage.

  2. you are so CUTE!!! I love that pic..

    show the feet-- go on, DO IT! all the cool kids are... it could be for sasquatch saturday...

  3. Nice. I would like to ask though, why when you spilled the champagne down you cleavage, Matt was laughing instead of...oh wait -- it looks as if you're in a public place.Question answered.

  4. Ya, I agree with Amber, too bad for Matt you guys were in public! (There's something terrible wrong with me to say that!!! LOL)


  5. Let's say I took a little creative license with my story to make it more humorous... the dialog is real, but we'd been about to end the conversation anyway due to the time. She's still giving me flack about the KG today... ughh... lol

    by the way, if you'd like an invite to g-mail so you have an anonymous e-mail addy for your blog, let me know, just send me an e-mail and I'll hook you up.

  6. *wolf whistle*

    Nice HNT, Sugar!

  7. Must have had a blast on NYE! Great pic!

    Happy HNT! :)

  8. D'oh! Sounds like something I would do. Wait, I do spill beer all the time. LOL

    Happy HNT

  9. I'm sure your boyfriend had NO problem with helping you clean up. :0) lol

  10. I'm sure your boyfriend had NO problem with helping you clean up. :0) lol

  11. Nice, HNT. very cool.

  12. I think my favorite part is the smile.

    Happy HNT.

  13. That's a funny story! I love the "almost getting some cleavage" picture. :) Happy HNT.

  14. ...softly curving fingers adorned with rings of silver, one with a stunning amber stone...and a hint of champagne soaked clevage.

  15. Nice picture, but I'm with CMHL, you need to show your feet before surgery. We're all really wondering things like:

    1) If we add up all your toes would they not be divisible by 10?

    2) Conversely if we added up all your toes, would they equal a prime number?

    3) Is there webbing between your toes?

    4) Do your toes smell like a used bedpan?

    5) Do you have toes?

    6) If your toes lack nails would they no longer be toes, but stumpy digits?

    7) If you removed your shoes, would we see monkey feet?

    Inquiring minds want to know. ;)

  16. "...champagne-soaked. but,um,not like in a porn way."


    It never is, is it!

    Great blog, btw!

  17. Any picture of you is a great picture of you... you are simply beautiful... feet and all.

    I love your avatar and always smile when I see your own smiling face. So on that note... thanks for dropping by my blog this week... feel free to drop by again for a major write about sexual UNassertiveness! Interested to hear your opinions. Bye!

  18. Cleavage? you got CLEAVAGE???? I am sooooo jealous! I am 51 and still waiting for some,,any day now *L*

  19. Just curious: what exactly is the distinction between champagne soaked cleavage "in a porn way," and wholesome, family-friendly champagne-soaked cleavage? Is it the type of champagne, the manner of, application, the setting?

    I need to know, this could have a big impact on my weekend.