October 06, 2005

a very late recap of my very early birthday

even though my little bday celebration was 5 whole days ago, it's still actually another 2 whole days until my actual birthday. i like to spread out the birthday so i get to be the center of attention for as long as possible ;-)

all in all, the night was AMAZINGLY fabulous. i had a spectacular time. so many of my friends came out... i loved it. and i got wonderfully drunk, the kind where everyone is your absolute favorite person while they're in your line of sight, and you're convinced everyone in the entire bar is in love with you, and also that you're incredibly hot. which is probably why everyone in the vicinity is love with you. and you don't feel sick all night..... just the next day. when you have a mighty, mighty hangover. until 4:30pm the next day. yes, 4:30pm. that's how good the night was.

no lapdances occured, i'm sorry to report. in fact, the pictures are not really that scandalous at all. well, except for when for some reason we decided to take pictures of each girl's cleavage during dinner, but i'm going to hazard a guess that my friends don't want their boobs on the internet.

Recipe for a Good Night Out:

1. start out with a pitcher of margaritas per person.

2. this will make you very happy very quickly. seriously.

3. you will start finding really stupid things hilarious. for example, here? i'm pretending to talk on my razr! in front of a POSTER for one! HA HA HA! HILAAAARIOUS!!!

4. and here? this one is HILARIOUS because we're PRETENDING to smoke and - get this - NONE OF US SMOKE! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!

5. also funny: demonstrating how to apply nipple tape in the middle of bars.

6. IMPORTANT: make sure you don't stop drinking. jello shots are encouraged to this end. pretend to do naughty things with them.

7. girl on girl dancing - a staple for any drunken night out

8. if necessary, remove shoes if you can feel pain even through the alcohol haze. this usually means your feet are near death.

9. have awesome friends.

10. and an awesome boyfriend doesn't hurt :-)

ps - keywords to find my blog today: mcboobs, landsharking (damn, that's a popular one) and manssiere.


  1. well happy bloody birthday alice!

  2. Happy Birthday Alice!
    Nipple tape? If I went to Target, would nipple tape be next to the Areola Appliques?

  3. I'm glad your birthday didn't suck! Hope your REAL birthday is equally as fun!

  4. Um, I'm a little curious what nipple tape is as well. Is it to hold on pasties????

  5. thanks guys!! zombie, walter - while i'm not entirely sure where one would find said nipple tape in target, it's really just a fancy version of bandaids. as in... you're wearing a shirt that doesn't allow a bra, yet you're trying to not have extremely pointy-outy nipples all night. nipple tape to the rescue! :-)

  6. Happy birthday - glad you had a fun night out! I love those - and for me they are becoming few and far between since I am now someone's mom!! lol

  7. Boo, nipple tape. Boo.

  8. Sounds like you had a really awesome time!!! Happy birthday!!!!

    Love the pictures.

  9. Happy birthday, Alice!

    Great excuse for me to hoist a few tonight. Can you have a birthday every weekend please?


    Wombat (hic)

  10. Sounds like an awesome time. Happy Birthday!!!

  11. I wanna pitcher of margarita... OK, I'll be honest, I just want the tequila.

  12. Happy birthday! Why dont my bdays turn out like tht! Lucky girl you!

  13. happy birthday, Alice!!

  14. Looks like a great night. Happy belated birthday, Alice.

  15. Wow, that looks like a rockin' good time. And your boyfriend has a Pac-Man shirt - THAT'S AWESOME!

  16. I totally need to get a digital camera. Then I could put cool pictures of me and my friends on my blog. I can't decide between getting an i-Pod or a digital camera. You know you live in a wealthy country when these are your tough decisions.