October 03, 2005

quickie (again, not the dirty kind)

tales, photos, and hijinks from sat night forthcoming as various friends compile the pics... but in the meantime, i was amused by the 3 searches that led to my blog today:

-"antique grain grinder"
-"frensh teacher"

SOMEONE GOOGLED LANDSHARKING. that's pretty awesome :-)

so, naturally, i did too. the regular results were kinda ho-hum, so i did an image search. AND NOW HAVE PICS OF AN ACTUAL LANDSHARKING.

see the disc there behind the front dude's head?

original photo kindly has this arrow to show the landsharking... i can't make it out though

thing of beauty, people. thing of beauty.

much thanks to colorado state's 1997 mamabirds for providing these pics :-)


  1. I'll never look at a frisbee the same way again.

  2. Are we sure that this guy wasn't just the victim of some sort of freak frisbee accident?

  3. Landsharking . . . I don't get it. Sounds like a drunk-guy thing.

  4. LOL - is it a British craze?

  5. This is going to show my age, and in my defense, I remember this from a VERY YOUNG AGE (shut up). I loved land shark skit from Saturday night live, with Chevy Chase. It was about an intelligent shark that walked on land and murdered housewives in their homes by disguising itself. My favorite part in this sketch was when the shark went after his second female victim. The lady replied to the knock with, " Who is it?"

    Landshark: "Plumber."

    Lady: I didn't hire a plumber. Who is it!?"

    Landshark: "Flowers."

    Lady: "What... for who"

    Landshark: "Plumber"

    Lady:"... you're.. that crazy shark aren't you?''

    Landshark: " No ma'am, I am just a dolphin.. will you let me in please?"

    Lady: "A dolphin! Ok!"


  6. anon e mouse5/10/05 8:20 AM

    Colorado != Colorado State.
    C'mon, you don't know where Mamabird is from? You never once played college ultimate did you. Admit it.

  7. hmm i don't think i want to do that....