July 13, 2005

injuries let me pretend i'm sporty

i'm used to people knocking ultimate frisbee. generally, the people who scoff at it not being a real sport are the people who have never tried it. often they're not even athletes, unless you count them being overly aggressive on their corporate softball team or whatever "real" sport they play. or, perhaps, they're the type of person who goes around leaving numerous negative comments for people under the guise of anonymity, since they're too spineless to take accountability for their words. just saying.

anyway. if you've ever played a real game of ultimate, then you know how intense it is. and how awesome it is to watch good players. god. so awesome.


i totally want to be badass like that. or like this:


however, since i'm not, i have to settle for pretending to be badass. something that helps considerably in this endeavor is getting sweet injuries while playing ultimate. and, my friends, last night at practice, i moved one step closer to pretend-badassness. granted, i wasn't making a sick layout, i more just sort of fell, but the result is still decent.

so apparently, most people don't show up for their corporate america jobs with large patches of skin missing from their shoulders. people who i've never spoken to before at work stopped by my desk to marvel over my dirt burn and ask if I’d gotten it in a motorcycle crash. (seriously.)

which would have been pretty cool, actually. although i really wish i’d done it on a nice layout. note to self: GET WAY BETTER AND MORE BADASS AT FRISBEE. then i could come in with injuries and really BE badass instead of just pretending. one day. maybe. let a girl have her delusions, ok?

*these pics stolen from http://www.angelfire.com/extreme3/ucdultimate/pics/all.htm


  1. Awesome! I'm always hurting myself in truly lame ways, but do love to pretend it was from being totally tough!

  2. (Pepe Le Pew) Let me kiss it and make it all better.

  3. Damn that looks like it's hard. Ultimate frisbee is badass.

  4. That's slightly sketchy, anonymous. This isn't Ashley Madison.