July 12, 2005

i only remember the weird dreams

so i had this dream the other night that i was marrying ray charles. (who, i should point out, was alive and well in my dream, you sickos.) when the dream opened the wedding preparations were all well under way, and it appeared i had agreed to this marriage because:

1) i think he's a genius and would be in awe of someone so monumentally awesome and he could totally play for me every single day and teach me to play like him and for the first time in my life i'd be able to improvise on the piano and we'd rock out and jam duets for hours which would SO ROCK and oh my god how cool would that be??! and

2) i figured he was pretty old, and no matter how weird it would be to get married to an old guy who i really didn't know AT ALL, well, heck, it couldn't possibly last THAT long! and then, once he had, you know, died, i could just start over with my regular life again.

i am not well.

turns out, in my dream, i never ended up marrying ray, because the wedding was going to be held at rockefeller center with a full audience and an introductory musical number, and i decided that was just too tawdry for me.

i do have standards. please.


  1. You're right you do only remember the weird dreams. Marrying Ray Charles would definitely constitute as weird.

  2. You are hilarious. I also tend to remember only the weird dreams only because of the vivid detail and bizarre concepts that prevail. :)