June 16, 2005

more concerts!

work has slowed down to not-headlong-trainwreck-trying-to-kill-alice pace today, so i've been completely taking advantage of the situation by doing NOTHING. instead of, say, catching up on the 80,000 things that have piled up in my inbox during the Evil Crazy Work time. ah well, i've always been clever like that.

went to the BEST concert last night.
Jenny, aka Wow I SO Owe You Thank You That Concert Freaking Rocked, let me go with her, having bought tickets a while back. it was at Wolf Trap, which strictly enforces the "no camera" policy, so i was a good rule-abiding citizen and didn't even bring my camera. which is a shame, since i totally could have gotten some surreptitious shots in like the rest of the audience. they didn't even steal the perpetrators' cameras and rip the film out or anything! i so should have been a rebellious rule breaker. 'cause folks, this was a FABulous concert: Joss Stone and John Legend.

we all know how ridiculously awesome Joss Stone is. she has that rich, gritty, soulful quality to her voice that makes you feel like your ears aren't enough to absorb it all, that you need to develop new senses to take in the fullness of the sound. especially live, the simple, arm-tingling beauty is pretty overwhelming. and she's so young and cute and british and giggly in between songs... she skipped around barefoot and threw flowers into the audience. much fun.

but WOW... John Legend.
Jenny had given me his CD a couple days ago, telling me i would love it and it Would Blow My Mind, regardless of whether or not i went to the concert. and she was right, it was darn good. but holy lord... in concert, he is REALLY DARN GOOD. i didn't stop moving for the entire hour and fifteen minutes he was on stage. he is so magnetic to watch, so charismatic, such a fabulous musician and performer... i would definitely, definitely go see him in concert again. like, tomorrow. love him. LOVE.

i called my sister between John and Joss's sets (yes i'm on a first name basis with them, shut up) because i'd heard from the parents that she's a John Legend fan herself. she was, however, thoroughly unimpressed, and i got the "uh, alice? i've really got to go" long before i got any sort of satisfying reaction (or any satisfaction whatsoever) from my attempt at gloating. oh well. she's been too cool for me since she was about 9 years old.


  1. "No Cameras" doesn't mean sh*t when you have a camera phone. And I know you have a camera phone because you wrote about it. You deopped the ball on this one, Wonderland. Next time I wanna see picture of that Joss Stone chick's patchouli-oiled boobs.

  2. dear anonymous,

    i tried with the camera phone, actually, but we were too far away. all it looked like was a square with shiny colors on it. sorry.

    ps: WHO ARE YOU!?!?!

  3. Anon E Mouse20/6/05 11:12 AM

    Wouldn't you just looooooove to know.

  4. Enjoyed a lot!
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