June 21, 2005

miniature golfing: not for the weak

this past weekend, my friends and i changed things up by opting for some wholesome, cheap (read: non-inebriated) fun. miniature golf was settled upon, thanks to jenny's resourcefulness and general midwestern knack for coming up with clean group activities. (think i'm kidding? we went and played dominos - dominos!! - at jenny's on sunday night [although granted, that time wine was involved] and she's taught me at least 2 new card games since we've been friends. it's loads of fun. midwesterners: clearly full of the wholesome.) i thought packing some beers or maybe slipping some jack in coke bottles was called for, in keeping with the cheap theme, but it turns out the rest of the group actually WAS going for the non-inebriated theme as well. ah. right. i can have fun sober, too. seriously.

however, even when not intoxicated, i'm still somewhat challenged on the "clean fun" front. for example, i'm pretty sure screaming "FUCKING HELL!" in the middle of a minigolf course laden with impressionable young children makes the experience notably less wholesome for them. oops. it's just that the ball is so clearly evil and demonstrably out to get me. my golf ball and i were not friends:

isn't it nice that TheBoyfriend was equally indignant with my ball for me? check out the glare in the background:

liz and christian bring the group's caliber up a notch. look at the dignity. only people with money can get away with poses like this - they're clearly ready for Real Golf with Grown Ups. i feel like they should be wearing hunting garb and be sitting for the portrait that Mummy dearest has been hounding them for:

notice that not only do jenny's shoes match her shirt AND her fingernails, she even has a pink golf ball. i dream of the day i have half her ability to look like i didn't accidentally fall out of my house halfway through getting ready for the day.

ok, so i may have spoken too soon about christian and his dignity. i'm pretty sure this sort of shot is frowned upon when you're on the pro-am tour.

so in all, much fun was had (aside, i assume, from the impressionable youths whose ears are bleeding due to my raging profanity issues). and after sunday night's domino extravaganza, i now know how to start a mexican train, which sounds dirty/racist but is actually more of the midwestern wholesome. honest.


  1. Too Cute Alice. And let's be honest, I may be from the Midwest, but am I really that wholesome? hehehe....

    P.S. There are plenty more games up my sleeve. Just watch out! You'll love the lawn jarts!

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