June 10, 2005

perfect for iguanas

see, humans are what they call "warm blooded." which means we have this nifty ability to regulate our body temperature. UNLESS, that is, you work in an Evil Office Building that believes humans are best served slightly chilled.

i get cold easily, it's true, but even i could tell that absurd levels of chilliness were being reached in this place. i bring a hoodie to work and i put it on every morning when my hands get too stiff to type. seriously. you think i'm kidding?

i give you exhibit a: the actual thermostat that controls the overzealous ducts of doom that blow icey air on me all day. do you SEE the temperature it is set at? DO you? FIFTY FIVE DEGREES, PEOPLE!! 55!

this is me, relegated to wrapping myself in a blanket i keep at work for sunny days when i go sit on the grass and read (ie sleep) during lunch. i'm making my "i'm cold" face, in case there was confusion.

after i took this picture, i bumped the thermostat up to 75 degrees. i hope no one notices for a while, because i'm having a very hard time typing this due to my fingers being frozen solid.


  1. You look chilly.


  2. Good look... Blue Steel is it? Or LaTigra?

  3. http://www.nataliedee.com/061405/ok-i-love-sandwiches.jpg