June 03, 2005

i blinded me with science

(so my approximately 1.5 readers have been harassing me that just because i'm super busy and possibly dying from my work load, that is no reason not to have posted in, like, 40 days. OK, a week. whatever. they made it clear i had to get to it. so here you have a half-assed rambling that i started before The Evil Works took over my soul.)

it's not that i was exactly living under a rock for the past several years (although to be fair, people do ask me that on a fairly regular basis) but i've never really been all that up with the modern technology. i didn't get a cell phone until i moved to dc, which was not until (*gasp*) july of 2002. my roommate and i lived with rabbit ears instead of cable until 2005. i didn't have a computer until my current job gave me a laptop. which was in february. the cell phone i did own was a lovely little perfectly-functioning one with zero features. none of this fancypants camera-phone nonsense and newfangled bluetooth technology. and my camera? used actual film. good ol' 35mm, real film.

until the Demise of Alice's Stone Age.

first of all, i have a bit of a love-hate relationships with cameras in general. i love them, lots, but an impartial observer would be hard pressed to perceive this. i have lost/dropped/broken a fairly alarming number of cameras since my dad got me my first real camera, back when i spent a semester in France during highschool. that camera got knocked off of a counter in a kebab shop and exploded into several kajillion teeny tiny pieces - which a) was totally not my fault, sort of, since although yes i put the camera there, it was the kebab guy who knocked it off the counter, and b) i totally put it back together all by myself and FIXED it. mostly. it still worked for many years after that, i'll have you know. anyway. the point here is to illustrate a trend that started early: unfortunate things seem to happen to my cameras. and it's only sort of my fault. but it's all the same to my poor cameras, i suppose.

fast forward to about a month ago, when in the most recent* not-totally-my-fault incident, i brazenly had my camera stolen from me at a club in dc. now, granted, i left it bundled up in my coat on a communal bench area with a bunch of other coats while i went off and danced, but STILL, someone totally stole it while i was away. (who steals a FILM camera these days, anyway??) i was very sad. i did feel that perhaps the Higher Powers Of Electronics were trying to suggest i finally get a digital camera, though.

and i DID! and it's AWESOME!! it's one of those canon powershot elph doohickeys, this tiny little camera that's almost exactly the same size and dimension as an altoid box and is cute and shiny and fun and i can see the pictures as soon as i take them which is SO MUCH fun and yes yes i know everyone else figured out how neat this was about 3 years ago but let me have my moment okay?? now, once i figure out how to put pics up and/or cave and get them hosted on flickr or something, i can do it INSTANTLY with my flashy new digital camera! i know all one-to-two of you who read this are salivating with excitement. ;-P

AND then a day or two later, through Exciting and Useful Personal Connections, i found myself the proud new owner of a RAZR phone from Cingular. which is pretty darn hot in and of itself, but i have the extra-super-special razr, which is black matte and limited, which makes it cooler. supposedly this uber-special one was given out in the goodie bags at the oscars, which means i'm practically a movie star since i own one now.

OK, i tried very hard to post a picture of my razr and my elph here, but alas, the acquiring of technical gadgets has not yet imbued me with the technical knowledge. i will figure this out. or ask someone. SOON. because i now will have all sorts of pictures i will want to post with my AWESOME NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!

*the incident before that was roughly a year ago, when the camera-of-the-moment became possessed by camera demons and decided to rewind film. forever. regardless of whether a) the film was brand new and didn't even have a single picture taken on it yet, or b) there was any film in the camera at all. basically as long as there is a battery in the camera, it sits there and rewinds. that is SO not my fault.

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  1. Do I have this straight? You write an 800 word post about getting not one but TWO digital cameras, and yet you can't figure out how to get pictures up on the internet.

    Truly astounding.