June 09, 2005

i heart men in eyeliner

dear anonymous:

your disdain has spurred me to get a freakin flickr account so i can post photos. so harumph to you.

and what shall i post pictures of? why, the fantastic KILLERS concert i went to last night!!!

there are very few men who can pull off looking hot AND manly while wearing eyeliner.... and brandon flowers is one of those men. i love you, brandon. (note to TheBoyfriend: not like i love you, babe! honestly! and i love the size of your hands. i swear.)

after several minutes of either Extreme Smartness In Decoding Html Which I Do Not Know, or possibly just several minutes of being really thick before i figured this out, i can now post MORE THAN ONE PHOTO IN THE SAME ENTRY. god i'm awesome. seriously. more of the concert:

this is me pretending i can look cool while i rock out:

we were actually pretty far away, despite my cropping the shot of the jumbotron up there and pretending i was onstage with them.. this is what it looked like more from our spot, with super-mega-zoom:

i am so in love with cameras and posting photos. WHEE! more to come, now that i'm all quasi-technologically-ept. ("ept," fyi, is a word created by my friend kristi. she figures if one can be "inept," one should certainly be capable of being "ept" as well.)

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