May 25, 2005


OK, so no progress on figuring out the picture thing. of course, i haven't asked anyone either. mostly because no one knows this blog exists yet ;-P i am blogging in secret, which is like cutting down a tree in the forest and having it hit a mime. or something.

BUT what i just realized is that i wrote a comment in my favorite blog ever -
she just walks around with it - and that LINKS TO MY BLOG. that means that a whole, like, person or two might accidentally wind up here. i feel like i should write something funny and intelligent, stat, to impress that hypothetical imaginary person. IMAGINARY PERSON! DON'T COME YET! MY BLOG IS NOT READY! I AM NOT NEARLY WITTY ENOUGH YET!! ..and yet in the midst of the panic, my ego (for whom the blog exists, of course) is excited that someone might see it. dang exhibitionist ego.

task during the next day or so: think of a raison d'etre for this blog, so i have something to write about. :-)

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