May 26, 2005


dear anonymous,

who are you!? i am squirming in delight / curiosity / apprehension / panic!! i can't believe i have a reader! who leaves comments!! I EXIST IN BLOGSPACE!!

ahem. anyway. on to more important questions: when did honking at girls become ubiquitous?

no, seriously. where have i been? i ignorantly thought being honked and hooted at was sort of relegated to the [warning: enter generic stereotype] hispanic neighborhoods and/or construction sites? i know, i know, racist generalization blah blah blah.. but i'm just saying, it seems to be a little more prevalent when i'm walking through little guatemala than in, say, crystal city. good thing i don't have any readers (except you, my friend anonymous! i hope you aren't offended!) or i imagine i'd get a lot of angry mail about now.

so anyway. back to honking. never really happens, right? except TWICE in the past two days, it's happened in Tyson's Corner, and not even the "crappy" Tysons I, but the Ridiculously-Expensive-I-Don't-Think-My-Car-Is-Nice-Enough-to-Park-in-Their-Parking-Lot Tysons II. twice!! and yes, yes, i realize i am a fantastically model-hot bombshell, but apparently not one that your typical 9-5er felt compelled to honk at until now. last night i was walking through the parking lot, and the honker was a middle aged guy in military dress whites. today was a white guy in a van who literally had the whole upper portion of his body hanging out the window, the better to wave and holler and make sure i was absolutely certain where the hullabaloo was originating.

i think i know what happened. i had my friend and her boyfriend staying at my house this past weekend, and he's french (pronounced "freNNNNSH" with lots of nasally noises) and he brought tasty real french wine and champagne and cooked authentic french crepes. and as we all know, french babes are hot. so apparently i got some french hotness going on via ingestion. it's awesome. i hope it doesn't wear off for a while, because my boyfriend forgot to get Mr. Frenchy's recipe for crepes.


  1. Forgetful boyfriend27/5/05 11:59 AM

    Now the crepe recipe is your responsibility, due to the fact that you have Mr Frenchy's email address...

  2. You're too funny sweetie!

  3. So not to lose your french hotness for your boyfriend here is the french recipe for crepes. For 4 persons: flour 250gr, 3 eggs, milk 1 litre. And you can add a spoon of rhum if you serve it for dessert. For no dessert add salt.
    I hope your boyfriend will be happy with it. And for drink don't forget cider, french cider obviously...
    Have a good next crepe party