June 22, 2015

Excellent Saturdaying: accomplished

Ahhh PMS. You can be aware that it is causing your fiery inferno feelings, and you can know those feelings are irrational, but it doesn't make you actually FEEL those feelings any less. By which I mean, last Friday's feelings were (thank jeebus) temporary and Saturday was a much better day. 

I started the day with my first ever Orange Theory class (more on that in another post!) which was a great physical and mental reset from the prior week. Then, the much awaited, much anticipated event of the summer.... Book of Mormon at the Kennedy Center. (!!!) 

I decided to do a Full Head Curling Iron Experiment to celebrate the occasion. These pictures may not look like much, but DUDES. I curled ALL my hair! On my whole head! With a curling iron! I only bought my first curling iron a few months ago and this is like the 6th time I've used it. I realize my hair does not actually look curled here but I assure you, compared to regular Flatts McStringalot, this is positively bodacious. 

We made our way to Georgetown for a quick pre-dinner drink before meeting the rest of the Book of Mormon gang at Farmers Fishers Bakers for a nice 4:30pm dinner with the rest of the senior crowd. 

Derek, Jenn, and many jars  of... foodstuffs.

(Actually the place was jam packed, and not with early bird-ers. The Georgetown Waterfront has no downtime, it would appear.) 

The problem with such an early dinner time is that I didn't eat lunch after working out, since I didn't want to be full by dinner. So the drinks maaaaay have hit me a little hard as a result. 

We are classy diners.

Anyway! We made it to the Kennedy Center with time to spare, so we headed up to the roof for the views. Although the views were a bit obscured, since the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill were rolling in right around then.

I mean, obviously we took pictures anyway. At least until staff closed the roof access due to the high winds.

The show, of course, was fantastic. Hilarious and well done and wonderfully sung, especially by the woman who played Nabulungi, Candace Quarrels.

And then check this out - I can't decide whether this is delusional, ballsy, or a combination thereof. Here's the playbill... and here are pages 3, 5, and 7:

FULL PAGE ACTUAL ADS for ACTUAL MORMONISM. In the playbill for a show that does a whoooole lotta mocking of not just Mormons, but of religion in general - this is a show with an entire musical number whose chorus is "Fuck You, God," So: brilliant? Tongue in cheek? Wishful thinking? Pretty amazing, either way. 


  1. YES. We came down on the side of "impressed." As my brother said, nodding impressed-ly, "Yeah. Own it."

    There were also actual Mormons standing outside the theater with pamphlets. We thought at first they were ushers DRESSED as Mormons!

    1. Swistle, I mentioned your comment to a coworker, who said that he talked to an Actual Mormon friend of his, who said that those ads generate some of the highest traffic to their websites of any method they've ever use. They are owning it and it is WORKING, apparently!

  2. We certainly klass it up with picture taking.

    I thought the ads were a joke at first, but apparently not! At the same time though, have to give Mormons credit for reacting peacefully to their religion being made fun of as opposed to others globally who act violently when their religions are made fun of.

    I now want to go see this again. Worth every penny.

  3. OK I think the ads are actually kind of genius! Good for them.

  4. Actual Mormon here: the ads are no joke, and one of the more brilliant moves by the LDS Church PR department in recent years. There are also buses, billboards, and such of the same ads in Times Square. Also, especially in New York, there are almost always Actual Mormon Missionaries outside after the show is over to answer any questions and provide correct information and resources and such. (Also, as an Actual Mormon, I feel like I need to always plug that this particular musical is about as accurate version of Mormons as Big Love, which is to say, not very accurate at all.)