June 19, 2015

Cheers to the freakin' weekend

I am having an unusually crabby day and mostly want everything to burn to the ground in a fiery inferno so we can all start fresh.

(Uh. This is maybe a combination of all the unbelievably terrible news this week along with my hormones, which I swear to god have been more ridiculous ever since the brief pregnancy situation earlier this year. Is this a thing? Once you get like, ONE TASTE of pregnancy hormones, it's a permanent change? I'm now someone who cries at sappy (or happy! or sad! or name an emotion!) videos, which is not particularly normal for me. It's like my hormones flared up and never came back down. I dislike it.)

Anyway. Thanks for all the input on the hair post guys! Speaking of, do you get my comments as emails when I reply? I suspect not, but I would LIKE that to be the case. Is there a way to get Blogger to do that, or is such a feat of technology reserved for Wordpress plugins only?

But back to hair. I'm still playing with it and trying various styling / product combos to see what works and what most reasonably tames my hair. Do normal people brush their hair like once an hour? Is that the secret to good hair? Because if my hair is down, there is not one thing I've ever tried (aside from fully curling it with rollers) that remains looking styled for the whole day. Hair down for me devolves into flat and stringy within hours. But perhaps multiple stealth brushings throughout the day at work is the way to go? Maybe I can hide a brush in the bathroom at work and start taking frequent bathroom breaks. Or maybe I can learn how to use hair products properly. Orrrr maybe I can accept that my hair is just not destined for greatness, which is the most likely scenario.

This weekend is packed with excellent plans and activities with lots of friends (including BOOK OF MORMON!! I've been trying to see this for years!) so I'm confident that will dislodge the large angry storm cloud that is currently hovering comically over my head. In the meantime I'll be here snarling at anyone who has the audacity to call or approach my desk for the remainder of the afternoon. Coworkers and cold sales callers, be forewarned.


  1. YAY TO FRIDAYS AND BE GONE AWFUL WEEK! I seriously cannot wait to see Book of Mormon.

    Also if you need a small brush, I actually carry a travel size one that has a mirror on the back of it. So you wouldn't even need to hide it or go the bathroom. It's an all-in-one stick it in your purse brush/mirror. SCIENCE. Or cool creations.

  2. Here's to a good weekend--I hope it helps!

  3. I do have a small brush! We just have an open office plan, so anything I do is in view of dozens of people at any given time. If I had a cube or an office it would be different, but brushing my hair openly at work seems... weird.

  4. I just left a comment and then, for the hundredth time, selected the log-out option because it is EXACTLY where my brain things the publish-comment button should be. Let's see if I can recreate the comment.

    One thing I said is that indeed I don't get emails if you reply to a comment. But I use the commenting option that only asks me for a name and URL, so it doesn't even have my email address. But maybe it emails people who comment using their Blogger account.

    The other thing I said was that I LOVED Book of Mormon. Just loved it. Bought the soundtrack. Then I tried to talk to some other women about it, and they completely shut down before my eyes---like they were SURE I was a Mormon trying to evangelize to them and had allll their evangelism-repellent shields up. I was unable to alter that impression and had to give up. ("No, it's a musical. By the creators of South Park?")

  5. I have only recently just reentered the blogging world and remembered the joys of commenting, but no, I don't think that I do get emails when people reply to my comments (BUT, perhaps it's just that nobody has replied to my comments?).

    Also, I'm sorry about that shitty hormone situation. What a load of crap.

  6. Book of Mormon is amazing.

    Sorry about the hormones. I have leveled out since my miscarriage but it takes a while for all of the HCG to leave your system....