May 06, 2015

The only logical post after a year away from the blog

I spent 2 straight days last week at work reading through portions of my own blog archives. This is not ideal for my work productivity, but man.. it made me wish I still wrote regularly on here. If nothing else, it's a great chronicle of my life. And apparently I'm pretty self-centered, because it turns out I sure do like reading about myself!

So... a few small things transpired in the past year since getting married. Chris and I took a trip to Vegas / the Grand Canyon / California (which I still have not downloaded pictures for.. maybe if I promise myself to put them on the blog I'll finally do that??). We played in a beach ultimate tournament in Wildwood. We had dozens of awesome weekends with friends. We hosted my family Christmas for the first time ever. I got pregnant. I had a miscarriage. We took a trip to Barcelona to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. I went to NYC for my friend's bachelorette, then last weekend, her wedding. I went to her civil ceremony in Paris two weeks prior to that.

And with all of that, the pictures I do have readily available? Are from a croquet game we attended two weekends ago in Annapolis, for which I constructed the following superbly awesome hat:

A reasonable question at this point would be "uh... a croquet game...?" Which, yes. I don't really know why either. Except it's been happening for 33 years now, and apparently when you're in the South(ish) and do something for enough years in a row, it also becomes tradition for people to dress up and wear insane hats and drink a lot at the same time.

So we did the sensible thing, which was to dress up, drink up, and have a picnic on an absolutely gorgeous day in Annapolis.

the always lovely Goslins

our set up! please ignore the port-o-potties, they weren't actually as close as they look here

Tam, Marie, parasol, awesome light

it is possible we are terrible influences on small children.

So. We'll see if I can keep this up with any semblance of regularity. My future self would no doubt appreciate it.


  1. Oh, hooray! I have wondered how you've been!

    Wonderful photos. Wonderful hats. Makes me want, like, six hats.

    I am sorry about the miscarriage.

  2. Yay for feed readers, and welcome back to blogging! I'm so sorry about the miscarriage, but happy for you for the good things, too. I'd love to see pictures, of anything you want to share!

  3. So glad to see you pop up in my reader! Hope to see you more regularly!

  4. Welcome back! I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope that you are doing okay.

    1. Thank you - I just read through your past few months, and it sounds like we went through our mcs at about the same time :-/ I'm so sorry for you as well. Big hugs.

  5. I think my favorite is of the kid "drinking" from the wine glass. She nailed it.

  6. Alice! Have missed you! (Even though Twitter).