May 08, 2015

It's equally painful every year, I just usually get around it to it earlier than this

I am pretty sloth-like during the winter months. I am not very motivated to go to the gym on a regular basis, and I actually just laughed out loud, here alone at my desk, at the thought of going running outside in the winter.

So when frisbee season starts up in the early spring I'm usually super on board, given the last several months of having failed to do any vaguely challenging cardio whatsoever. This year though, I had just learned I was knocked up, so I kept putting off registering for spring league with my team. I realize that running around in circles on a field is not technically something to avoid, especially super early in a pregnancy, but given the frequency with which I fall down / hurt myself / inexplicably figure out a way to provoke the worst case injury scenario, it seemed like maybe I should just go ahead and not see if that would hold true. The whole miscarriage and d&c ended up making that a moot point, but also kept me away from frisbee for a bit longer, and then MAN it turns out I go away a lot on the weekends, and long story short here we are in May already and I have still failed to do any sort of aerobically challenging anything despite being perfectly able to for quite some time.

Until yesterday! When, I am happy to report, I finally dragged my butt to a pickup game and played a few points. I'd love to say it went well, but truthfully it went horrifically and I dropped the only 2 INCREDIBLY EASY passes that came DIRECTLY AT ME but I sweated a lot and ran around so I am calling this a win.

not dead! red and sweaty, but not dead!

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  1. Dang, I had somehow missed your news about the pregnancy and miscarriage. I'm so sorry, Alice.