May 14, 2015

Christina's wedding part #2: NYC version (with special guest star)

I'm just going to get this out of the way up front: I'm pretty sure your wedding wins when Evander Holyfield - THE Evander Holyfield - tweets this picture out from your cocktail hour:

So yeah. That is a thing that happened at Christina's wedding. Evander Holyfield came to it.

Here he is in their hotel room, getting in on their formal couples portraits:

And here he is pretending to punch the groom:

He was suuuuuuper nice and incredibly gracious the whole time. When he returned for the cocktail hour, he patiently shook everyone's hand who approached him and took photos with anyone who asked. Awfully nice guy.

(Back story: Christina and Matthieu got married at the Eventi Hotel in Manhattan. Two days before the wedding, she was in the elevator when Holyfield got on with his manager and bodyguard. When she realized who it was, she asked if he would mind popping out at her floor to meet her fianc√©, who is a fan and would be really excited to shake his hand. His manager apologized and said they were already late to an engagement, but gave Christina his card and said to give him a call and he'd see what he could do about arranging something the day of the wedding. Apparently Evander was in town because Team Holyfield was sponsoring one of the fighters at the Klitschko-Jennings fight that weekend at Madison Square Garden, so he'd be a little busy during the actual reception. But Christina did call them, and his manager promised to do his best to have Evander swing by while they'd be doing portraits in the afternoon... and lo and behold, he not only followed through with that, but also came back during the cocktail hour to do a lap on his way to MSG. And then tweeted about it (!!).)

So! Other than these high quality fuzzy phone pics from awkward angles, I don't have a ton of pictures since I was busy maid of honoring and stuff - although decidedly and happily UN-poisoned this time around, at least.

Instead, I'll steal these two pictures from Christina's facebook page to show you how gorgeous her dress was. Please to excuse the ridiculous face / pose on my part here. I may not have been puking, but I will still try my darndest to ruin a nice moment, apparently!

Before the ceremony, we went around central Manhattan getting pictures at some really cool spots, like in front of the Flatiron Building and in Times Square. (I am dying to see the rest of the photos from her photographer - they are going to be amaaazzzinnnggg.) Anyway! While we were traipsing toward Times Square, one of the bridesmaids pointed out these posters, and we all immediately clambered across some construction and through a busy intersection to get there, because you really cannot get more perfect than this. (Christina is, of course, an American who lives in Paris!)

Lovely, lovely, lovely wedding you two. Félicitations xoxoxo


  1. So glad everything went well for her! (And ignore my previous comment, even though it was all amazing, but was trying out to see if my comment would post.)

  2. OK your comment on MY blog made me realize... I've been reading all YOUR new posts and delighting in them! But you wouldn't know that! Because I haven't commented! COMMENTING IS PART OF BLOGGING I REMEMBER NOW.

    Anyway! I'm so glad you're back! Perhaps we can keep each other motivated to keep it up!