August 29, 2013

Pulling together a wedding theme

So far in the wedding planning process, Chris and I have:

a) narrowed down a date (April-ish); 
b) narrowed down a venue (still working on the details there); 
c) figured out who we want in our wedding party; and
d) decided to have a friend to officiate our wedding

Additionally, I've sort of non-noncommittally sort of-ish decided on a general wedding color theme, which so far has amounted to "...eggplant? I think? I don't know, do you like eggplant-ish?"

OH, and also, I bought a wedding dress. 

(I did that, like, 2 weeks after getting engaged, the first time I went to try on dresses. My mom was in town so my parents could meet Chris's parents, so it seemed like a good a time as any to do my first preliminary excursion... and then I up and bought a dress on the spot. So! Exactly one decision down!)

ANYWAY. So at this juncture, my entire "theme" is composed of "eggplant. ish. I think."

Which is why it is so awesome that Jenn (one of my maids of honor) sent me this picture, with the advice to cancel the order on the dress I already bought, since she had found me THE ONE:

Done, you guys. The entire rest of the wedding is being designed around this dress. 


  1. Oh my god, you have to get the curtains too.

  2. Oh Alice, it's PERFECT. You'll be the queen of the eggplants. (also, my "colors" --if you could call them that, blech--are wine, grey, and black. I'm so cheery)

  3. You'll never be forgotten as the Eggplant Bride.

  4. I had a door painted in eggplant (the color-ish, not the vegetable) and it was not that vivid. Oh, that dress!!

  5. Oh my - well, that will be one wedding your guests (and the planets above) won't soon forget!