October 17, 2012

Year! Of! Weddings!!

{cue Wheel of Fortune music}

Someone asked me for the link to my blog the other day, which prompted me to click on through to the ol' blog myself, which led to me reading a bunch of my old posts... which made me sad that I barely write here anymore.  If nothing else, I love that I have this weird little record of my life, and I want to keep that up for future-me.

However... I've seriously slacked on the record-keeping this summer.  And A LOT happened.  Ready for the lightning-round catch up?

(edit: OH MY GOD BLOGGER SERIOUSLY i still can't center-justify photos? REALLY? die in a fire.)

As I may have mentioned, this was the Year Of The Weddings - I've been to 6 so far this year (which doesn't even count the one I had to skip in Buenos Aires!) and we still have one left in November.  The first was in St. Louis:

Next was rural Pennsylvania for a wedding on a lake:

Then another wedding on a lake: my friend Alyssa's wedding in upstate New York (which I did manage to mention!) 

Just two weekends after that, we were off to Toronto for another wedding. I'd never been to Toronto before - it's really lovely!

(Lots more photos of Toronto here if you're interested.)

Next up was Chris's brother's wedding, in one of my absolute favorite cities: Chicago. 

And finally, just 3 weeks ago, a local one (finally!) at a great place in Rosslyn called Top of the Town, which has absolutely unreal views of downtown DC:

Next up is New York in November for one of Chris's best friends, which should be a lot of fun.  OH, and then have I mentioned this yet...?  How we have another wedding to go to, in January...


(This is where Mauritius is, by the way:) 

..and this is what an image search brings up when you google Mauritius:

Going there will definitely not suck.


  1. I see two themes this year: weddings and Alice in black & white dresses!!! =)

  2. so... did you move your blog? what is the new address? I have been missing your posts.

  3. @Nilsa - Haha, can you tell I do almost all my dress shopping at White House | Black Market?? :)

  4. @Titania - Oh no... I've just been failing to write ANYWHERE.

  5. Careful. Wedding season is often followed by baby season and weddings are WAY more fun than baby showers.

    You're gonna LOVE Mauritius! How could you not? Look at those pictures.

    We are considering a trip to St. Louis right now. Anything fab you'd recommend beyond the arch?

  6. All these weddings are such an awesome excuse to go to so many cool places! SO JEALOUS of the Mauritius thing!

  7. I was going to say I beat you with 7...

  8. I was so excited to see you pop up in my reader. I've missed you! You rock the black and white dresses :) What worldly friends you have. Mauritius looks beautiful!

  9. @dmbosstone ALL THE WEDDINGS.

  10. Wow- the year of weddings sounds fun AND expensive. Is the bride or groom from Mauritius? It's quite an exotic locale for a wedding- but that's an awesome excuse to go there! Are you going to get there early or spend a few days afterwards (b/c I totally would for that long of a flight). :-)

  11. @KT - haha, yes it has definitely been fun and slightly bank-breaking :)

    Chris is actually half Mauritian, so this is a(nother) family wedding. We're definitely making a vacation of it - 10 days there, awww yeah :)

  12. Wow. I thought we had it bad with 6 weddings last year (bad in a fun way). On the plus side, the locations look beautiful, and you look like you've been having a blast!

    And Mauritius looks amazing! If you're going to add another wedding, that's not too shabby.

  13. It has also been the year of weddings for me--some fun (Chicago!) some...not so fun and more stressful. None of them are in Mauritius though, so you've got me beat there. PS SO GLAD to see you back on the blog!

  14. How do you know so many people getting married in so many amazing places?! I would like to have friends like yours ;-)

    Mauritius sounds amazing. I actually follow a blog of a gal who recently got married and had her honeymoon in Mauritius. So cool!

    And let me just say again that you and Chris are SO CUTE together! And I love your dresses.

  15. We had a year like that where it seemed like we just went to weddings ALL THE TIME. It was kind of exhausting, but fun and an easy date night. Although now I really wish someone would have gotten married in Mauritius!

  16. Even though I don't know you in real life, can I just say that I hate you. But it's jealousy hate so it's not that bad. I hate you for getting to go to Mauritius, a place that I would have been totally unable to locate on a map had you not included one in this post but still I'm so jealous and I hate you so bad. Hugs! :-)

  17. I've missed you posting! I want to go to that upcoming wedding in Mauritius!

  18. You have been to some seriously awesome wedding celebrations, and I can't even type the word Mauritius without becoming green (and turquoise, and blue, and white sanded) with envy.