December 30, 2011

and now the more exciting recap... 2011 in travel!

traveling is one of the things that makes me most happy in the world, which means i'm incredible lucky to be able to travel as much as i do. 2011 was another outstanding year for the wanderluster within me:

in february, chris took my on my first ever cruise:
Look, I'm hardly sunburned!

and then in april, i went to Williamsburg for Shannon's baby shower:

then to Rio de Janiero (!!!):
Pretty amazing. Now I want to send him a tile.
..Iguazu Falls:
The top tier of falls continues off past the end of this frame
...and Buenos Aires with Chris: well as tango "dancers" who pose with tourists for a fee :)

in may, we went up to NJ for my beautiful friend Laura's wedding;

in july, we went up to nyc on one of the hottest weekends on record, on a bolt bus with broken a/c. then we met up with chris's friends for karaoke... at a tiny hole in the wall joint with broken a/c. beer + sake + karaoke = you may sweat to death, but you still stay and sing anyway:

august was another busy month: we went back down to williamsburg to meet the baby i'd thrown the shower for:

then up to NJ for another wedding, this time with the fabulous highschool crew:

..then to annapolis for our annual girls' weekend trip:

..and finally to san francisco for a conference (plus an excuse to visit my sister):

after that ridiculous month, i spent september at home :) then october was back up to NJ once again for fakesgiving:

and of course, the reason we had fakesgiving in october was because chris and i would be in sri! lanka! during actual thanksgiving in november.
They sold us the cinnamon by the METER.

Ready to go in a kurta & a sari

one last trip up to NJ for christmas:
Chrismas Eve 2011 012
...and 2011 wraps up nicely.

so far i have no vacations planned in 2012 (!!) but we already have something like 6 weddings to attend (that we know of!) and none are local. i'll have to figure out how to squeeze in a new country or two around those!


Nicole said...

Isn't traveling the best! I haven't even been back that long and I'm already ready for my next trip. I'm like, where to next?!?!? I guess that's the worst part about traveling; you always want more.

Maxie said...

did y'all go to sing sing karaoke when you were in NYC?

missris said...

Y'all are pretty. And I'm jealous of all your amazing vacations :D

Stevie said...

So fun! I've loved your vacation recaps this year :-)

You look smokin' in that outfit in Sri Lanka!

Speaking of travel, I may be traveling your way in the spring to visit my family in the DC area. Yay!

kilax said...

I love your outfit in Sri Lanka! And your dress at Laura's wedding.

We must have been in NYC the same weekend in July, when it was so damn hot!

Dmbosstone said...

Now that's how your spend 2011!

Arnetta Green said...

Your year looks great! I LOVE the pics. Thanks for sharing and may you have a wonderful 2012.

andreaunplugged said...

Year in travel is an awesome recap. I'm trying to think of all the places I went as we speak. New Orleans, Buffalo/Rochester NY, ITALY!!!, and Austin immediately come to mind. It was a pretty good year.

Amanda said...

Wait! Did we miss the Sri Lankan wedding recap? You guys look gorgeous!!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I think it's going to be pretty darn hard to outdo 2011 - what a year in travel!

spokalulu said...

I think all I did was sell a house, buy a house, and move across the country. Okay, so I also went to NYC with girlfriends for a weekend (no a/c required in February). But I looked nowhere near as good as you in that Sri Lankan wedding outfit!

d e v a n said...

I love this post! So much fun was had!!

Marie said...

Pretty dang awesome yo. :)