February 18, 2011

racks & cruises

on valentine's day, chris and i opted to stay in, and i cooked us dinner. i decided to try my hand at rack of lamb (this recipe, incidentally, which i HIGHLY recommend. make the salad, too!). i had told my coworkers about it the night before, so when i came in on tuesday, my buddy asked how it went.

coworker: say, how'd the lamb turn out?
me: great, actually! it was easier than i thought it would be!
coworker: i do love that mint sauce stuff...
me: oh, actually, this recipe used a spice rub. so like cumin, coffee, and cocoa rubbed into the lamb--
coworker: rubbed into what?
me: ...into the lamb--
coworker, with MEANING: rubbed into... what?
me: ...
: ...oh. into the rack. i rubbed the rack.

coworker: *triumphant grin*
me, thoughtfully: i think chris really liked my rubbed rack.

hey! remember how we went on that cruise? yeah, i hardly do either! it was GREAT. so insanely relaxing, and experiencing warm sun after this frigid, gray winter we've been having was outstanding. all relaxation gained from the vacation was wiped out fairly instantaneously after returning to work, but dude. cruise itself? totally money.


  1. So, that's what sun and sand look like? I'm going through withdrawal. Thanks for sharing - you just brightened up my day!

  2. I love both "triumphant" and "thoughtfully."

    I also love the photos---SO GREAT!!

  3. Where did you go on the cruise? Those pics make me want to take one.

  4. "i think chris really liked my rubbed rack"

    Well, really, who wouldn't?

  5. I love the photos of the towel animals. My parents went on a cruise in November and they had some really creative ones. But none posing with a bottle of Jack...

  6. Great pictures! Like Nilsa, I'm going through sun and sand withdrawal too!

  7. HA! Rubbed rack!

    totally want to try that recipe now.

    also.. the hanging chicken? what?

    At least there's some sun in Alexandria, finally!

  8. Rubbed rack - HAHAHHA.

    Those photos are exquisite!

  9. Nothin' better than a nicely rubbed rack.

    Your cruise looks fantastic! It may be sunny here today, but it's definitely not warm...I could go for a jaunt to the tropics right about now.

    I love the folded towels! Which cruise line did you take?

  10. Great photos! Totally jealous here! Got to plan another vacation.

  11. Great photos! You look totally happy and relaxed. I might have to take a cruise someday just to photograph towel animals. :)
    I've prepared a roast with a coffee rub, and it was fantastic. Well, my dh & I thought so... the kids, not so much.

  12. Nice! The cruise looks awesome!

  13. Wow! I've always wanted to go on a cruise! It looks like you guys had a fabulous time! (Also the towel creatures made me giggle!)

  14. Ooo, the cruise looks soooooooo niiiiiiiiice :)

  15. Oh my GEEZ I love those towel animals!! I took pictures of every one they left us on our cruise.

  16. SO SO JEALOUS. I am turning green. Jealous.