September 07, 2011

a post for the nosy

i saw this over on Suburban Sweetheart's blog yesterday, and couldn't believe how much i loved reading in great detail about everything she had in her purse. i'm a nosy one, it would seem. and in case you are as well, i present: the contents of my purse, too!

shall we zoom in a bit?
(click again for extra embiggening)
from the top left, we have:
  1. two packs of birth control. thanks, annual ob/gyn visit yesterday!
  2. my "big wallet." this holds stuff like membership cards (to library, health care, etc) and business cards for various doctors etc. basically, stuff i need but don't NEEEED all the time.
  3. my "small wallet." this goes with me whether i have my purse or not, and contains my ID, credit card, debit card, metro card, and any cash i have at the moment.
  4. my business card holder. i don't actually usually have this with me, but i was at a conference for work all last week.
  5. extra business cards
  6. decongestant. crippling sinus headaches that come on all of a sudden are NO JOKE, people.
  7. hand sanitizer. it's about 6 years old. i do not sanitize frequently.
  8. l'occitane hand lotion. LOOOOOVE.
  9. random lip gloss (made with.. carrots? or something?) - swag from Blogher. Blogher '09. oops.
  10. burt's bees chapstick. cannot live without.
  11. unopened eyeliner that i believe i received as a secret santa gift last christmas. *possibly* something i can remove from my bag at this point..
  12. random change. into the change jar it goes tonight!
  13. i love this thing: it's a collapsible purse hanger (sort of like this one) that my mom gave me for christmas one year. i use it all the time.
  14. blood donor card. i'm O Negative! best blood ever!
  15. ONE MEEEEELLION pens. turns out i had those 6 identical ones stashed in an inside pocket - they're from my old job, when i went to a charity thing at a school like a year ago and needed things to hand out to kids.
  16. a shocking amount of gift cards that i need to use.
  17. free samples i got after a facial last weekend
  18. coupon for kitty litter. i lead a glamorous cat lady life, people.
  19. two checks i need to deposit
  20. gum. i ALWAYS have gum in my purse, although i've never tried this flavor before. (i'm.. sadly excited to try it.)
  21. almonds & cranberries from a starbucks meal things i had completely forgotten about
  22. recommendation (along with accompanying drawing!) of something called a "thera-cane" that the last masseuse i saw recommended i buy, because my back is THAT MESSED UP right now. it's a post of its own, but you know the rib dislocation problem? NOT RESOLVED.
  23. key card for work
  24. jump drive. never leave home without one!
  25. pepper spray
  26. "backup" makeup pouch. inside is:
    • bare escentuals foundation
    • ulta concealer
    • maybelline great lash mascara (classic, but awesome)
    • ulta eyeliner (meh)
    • covergirl blush
    i.. don't wear a lot of makeup, turns out.
  27. dog paw
speaking of dog paws, have i ever shown you guys chris's dog, dozer?
dozer, meet the internet.

(you'll note that while you can't see it in motion here, his large and enthusiastic tail has rearranged all my purse contents behind him.)

dozer is.. pretty large. like 115 lbs large. although he doesn't seem to realize it, and would gladly climb into your lap if you'd let him. i don't particularly recommend it though; 115 lbs of lab is not as comfortable as you might think.

he's such a good dog. enormous and barky when strangers come to the door, but a total pushover goober 5 seconds later. (he was not home during the burglary, unfortunately, for anyone wondering about that.)

aaanyway. my purse! voila! please to let me know if you do the same so i can peer into your personal items too...


  1. I thought I had done this---but just in case, I said I loved you before, but now especially so now that I know you have a giant lap dog in your life!!

  2. FUN! I've been meaning to blog about my purse contents for ages. I so enjoyed this post, I think I had better hop on it. Now the question remains, if you needed to grab your pepper spray in three seconds flat could you find it in there among all the other stuff?! ;)

  3. I loooove looking at these. Fun post!

  4. Lady I don't think you have enough pens. You need to get some more. In ALL colors of the rainbow. Also pastel.

    Love me that Dozer! What a cutie!

  5. I'd be embarassed to show mine, it would be like this. 37 old crumpled receipts, 13 lip products, 1,000 pennies, reusable shopping bag, makeup bag containing powder, ear plugs, toothpicks and perfume samples. Oh and my wallet.

  6. Love this.

    But...what about your PHONE? Do you carry it in your "small wallet" like I see a lot of people do?

  7. @carrie - haha, unlikely. i guess it's more for.. moral support? for... myself? i don't even know.

    @tess - oh, good point! my phone would normally be in there (in a side pocket for easy access) but i cart my phone with me around the house once i get home, so it was likely on the coffee table or in my back pocket during the Photography Event.

  8. WHOA! I thought moms of toddlers had a buttload of stuff in their purses but you totally got me trumped. Like my organizational-OCD side is freaking out just looking at all that.

    Also? I thought that was a real dogs paw. Like a rabbit's foot on a chain or something. I was like, "Okaaay? Maybe her favorite dog died so she kept a memorial?"

    Glad to know that isn't the case.

  9. Euw - dog's paw/rabbit's foot? That would be gross!

    Also, having 2 90+ lap dogs myself, I can attest that they are the awesomest!


  11. You inspired to do a purse-spose as well. Mine was nowhere near as tidy. Messy purse shame.

  12. That is a serious number of pens, woman! Also, I love Dozer.
    Scanning down your page, which is all I have time for tonight because I am MONTHS behind, you've been through a lot! How is your apartment drying out? And we are a little bummed to have missed the earthquake, but glad to have sold and moved before we had to repair a house! Just saying...

  13. take a look:

  14. I am not at all shocked to be also fascinated.

    Also, I want to snuggle with your dog.

    Also, theracanes are BOMB. Seriously. I love mine.

    I also love l'occitane, Burt, and Maybelline great lash. Every time I try a more expensive mascara, I regret it.

    And thanks for the reminder to take my pill. :)

  15. OHMYGOSH such a cute puppy! (Please excuse me while I baby-talk my screen.)