September 05, 2011

Annapolis and California and Metallica, oh my!

hello friends! it's been a ridiculous few weeks around these parts. as we know by now, we had an earthquake two weeks ago which kicked our house's ass.

(that situation, by the way? completely unresolved. the walls looks exactly the same as they did in that post a week ago, except that the fans are gone and chris moved all the furninture back for me - against the holey walls - since he know how crazy it was making me to live like that. it's actually a MAJOR improvement, as far as my mental health goes. i can pretend the holes aren't there when i need to, now.)

then last weekend, aka the Annual Girls Trip to Dewey Beach, was superceded by Hurricane Irene. i was... displeased.

however, we rallied (more accurately: the other girls rallied, while i bitched and railed angrily against the unfairness of the elements) and we spent a day and a night in Annapolis, cramming in as much fun as we could before the hurricane hit.

first stop: the famous Pusser's, home of the infamous mind erasers.

we even - miracle of miracles - found a bar in Annapolis that serves Grapefruit Crushes, the hallmark (and uber delicious) drink of Dewey Beach.

it was a delightful day. we promptly came back and held a hurricane party to protest Irene.. who amounted to just about zilch in our area: some rain, a few gusts, and some short-lived power outages. i like to think we got a tiny break after the ridiculouness the earthquake wreaked on us.
a great weekend, with great friends. i'm glad we salvaged it.

and then! i spent all last week in San Francisco, at Dreamforce. it was pretty great - i learned a lot, met some great people, and even saw Metallica.
(they were absurdly great, by the way. and i'm not even a Metallica fan.)

(Metallica! at a software conference! i know!)

and now it's the end of the labor day weekend, bringing the summer to an unofficial close. i am so thoroughly ready for boots and layers and jackets, omfg. also hopefully a slightly less insane schedule, with maybe even a weekend or two in a row at home.


  1. Those drinks look awesome!!

  2. I'm glad you ladies got to go somewhere! Stupid Irene. Also stupid earthquake (I feel like we need an official name for it. Bob?)

    And yay for being home the next two weekends due to some Very Important Things Happening!


  3. I hope they get your walls fixed soon, I know living in house chaos is a pain!

    Also I have been to a Metallica concert and they are VERY GOOD even though I still want to kick Lars straight in the junk.