September 14, 2011

i need cheaper hobbies

oh hey guys, how's your wednesday night going? not bad? yes? yeah, mine's not too bad either, seeing as i just bought myself tickets to sri lanka.

sri! lanka! i'm going there! eeeeeeee!

i'm going here!

and here!

and maybe here!

and i don't even know where else! except that it will be super awesome!

(also: i am not using gotmyfare. OBVIOUSLY.)

i am so freaking lucky. one of chris's best friends is having a destination wedding there, so i get to tag along. and THEN, one of my good friends from highschool happens to be MARRIED to a sri lankan, and they'd been meaning to take a trip over there anyway... so we worked it out that i'd go at the same time as them, and spend the week before the wedding traipsing around the country with my friends as guides.


i've been excited about this for months, but the act of buying the tickets tonight solidified it for me and i am practically bouncing off the walls with glee. sri lanka!

the flight over is kind of a bitch - that trip spans two nights (!!) and i get into colombo at like 3am. and actually, the flights out are pretty insane as well: international flights out apparently either leave at 3am as well, or not until like 8pm, which tacks another day of travel onto the return timeline. so i am both entering and leaving the country in the middle of the night.

whatever. totally worth it. also, i hear that qatar airways, who i'm flying, is pretty fantastic as far as airlines go. i mean.. i'm still in coach. tickets to colombo are approximately one MEEEELLION dollars just for coach class. that puts business at, like, 8 meeellion. approximately.


  1. I will now reveal what an uncultured slob I am by saying that I'm only jealous of this because Duran Duran filmed some videos in Sri Lanka.

  2. Wait, you're NOT using gotmyfare, mais pour quoi?

    I kid. :)

    It'll be LOADS of fun!! Just make sure to take some sinus/allergy meds/painkillers.

  3. I am living vicariously... Apparently you are supposed to travel BEFORE you have kids. Who knew?

  4. Uh, I'm so jealous. I've always wanted to go to Sri Lanka. Actually, name any country (besides like Iraq or Afghanistan) and I will say I've always wanted to go there. Have fun while you're there. It's great that you'll get to go with someone who is from there. It's gonna be so much fun! I will be stewing in jealousy while you're gone. I can't wait to see the photos though!

  5. Wow a destination wedding in Sri Lanka- how cool! I have always wanted to go there (mostly b/c of the cool name). And I thought the destination wedding in the Dominican Republic we have in March was awesome....

  6. That's AMAZING! How fun that your friends are going too. Bonus!

    My favorite restaurant in Santa Cruz, CA is Sri Lankan food. Delicious.

  7. Very cool! Have so much fun!

  8. Holy crap, awesome. Take me with you?

  9. Lexitudinal Guides, Inc.20/9/11 11:07 AM

    Those "friends-as-guides" WOULD have charged an exorbitant fee for their touring services EXCEPT that YOU might personally have traipsed around in a flipping Arctic BLIZZARD for a certain someone's milestone bday trip to DC, waived. ;-)