September 20, 2011

The second-to-last pic might be my favorite bridal portrait ever. Like in all of history.

you guys all know marie, right? so you probably also know how she done got married this weekend?


(cue girly happy noises)

it was SUCH a fun day. first off, how gorgeous is our miss marie??

The beautiful bride!

and then, because she and matt are delightful in addition to good-looking, there were many awesome & whimsical touches throughout the whole thing. like, for example, our "place cards" letting us know at which table we were seated.

..slash photobooth props :)

those, of course, immediately went to good use.

Props: already at work

there was a full-on photobooth area set up with additional props, too:

I love this one so very much

i expect marie & matt will have a grand old time looking through THAT sd card.

the location could not have been nicer. there was a fantastic fire going in this adorable little courtyard area:

Chris in the firelit courtyard

..which led to some Feats of Bravery, once a few cocktails were consumed:


and how stylish are these two??

That is one stylish newlywed couple

stylish: definitely. stuffy: most definitely not.


a seriously fantastic day for a seriously fantastic couple. congrats, you two crazy kids!


(all pics here, if interested!)


  1. Those photos are fantastic and I could not be happier for her and Matt. Glad you guys had so much fun!

    (Also: LOVE the Feats of Bravery. It sounds like a Choose Your Own Adventure.)

  2. Alice these are fantastic!! It looks like so much fun. Did you do all her pictures?

  3. That photo of bride Marie with the mustache & glasses is PRICELESS. What a good snap! I'm so happy for them - what a fun couple & a fun wedding.

  4. Marie looks stunning. She is such a sweetheart and I love that she kept this wedding on the down-low. That's an intimate wedding on so many levels! Congrats, Marie! (And nice job on the photos, Miss Alice!)

  5. Great photos, Alice!

    I'm so happy for Marie and Matt. :-)

  6. Yay! Glad you had fun! And thanks so much for help with the pom pom tissue making and all these awesomely wonderful pictures!!

  7. Such an awesome, fun wedding. I'd never be able to pull something like that off.