August 10, 2011

not to mention the person who got here searching for "how to tell if your forehead is big."

statcounter, which i use to (spoiler!) track the stats on this blog, appears to have added a new feature where it tells you what your page rank was in a google search that led to your blog. for example, someone got to my blog today by googling "alice's wonderland blog," and there's a little note letting me know that my blog is the #1 search result when you google that phrase.

neat! makes sense; that's the name of my blog and all.

interesting, but not entirely surprising, is that i'm the #3 result on google when you search for "descending angel pole one leg," due to this ms paint masterpiece.

VERY surprising - to me at least - is that i am the SECOND MOST RELEVANT RESULT when you google "i didn't get arrested." i mean, a) really? that seems.. unlikely. and b) that's a pretty weird thing to google. it's not a question, and it doesn't really appear to be a statement you'd use to research something. like, for example, "how NOT to get arrested." whatever, googlers.

(sadly[?], no one googled "alice in wonderland porn" or "alice in wonderland peeing" in the past day or two, which are both popular searches that have historically directed people here. i'm curious how EFFECTIVELY they get here with those searches, now.)

(ok, i just googled both terms myself. i am not in the first 3 pages for the porn search - yay! - but am the SECOND RESULT for "alice wonderland peeing." BALLS.)


  1. I tried to get one of those stat things but it was to hard for my little brain to comprehend. Are you so proud to be the search for descending angel pole one leg? Because that? Is awesome.

  2. Damn, girl. You're one step away from being in the top 10 for Porn Star searches!

  3. Why do people like to google "something something pee" so much? You'd think pee was made of diamonds and gold or something.

  4. Well, NOW you'll be ranked higher in the porn and peeing searches. :)

  5. Really? hmmmm... I am going to *have* to check it out...