July 11, 2011

i should have let him burn himself on the iron

he may LOOK cute and innocent, but i've documented oliver's asshole tendencies pretty frequently here.

add this post to the pile.

as i dozed between my first and second alarm snoozes this morning, i was jolted wide awake by a loud crash. oliver has broken enough things in my house that i can instantly tell if it's something fairly minor (glass foolishly left on the counter overnight, begging to be knocked off by devious cat paws) or something more substantial (large mixing bowl i was unaware was appealing and/or able to be batted off a counter). i could tell this one wasn't minor.

RIP, lovely wine decanter.
he actually accomplished this particular act of destruction by nudging a heavy ceramic candle pot off of a ledge in the kitchen ONTO the decanter, which had been placed in a fairly oliver-safe zone. i mean, had he not resorted to PROJECTILES to ruin it.


  1. Devious Cat Paws is a great band name.

  2. Uhhhhhh....ummmm....I have no words...

    At least it wasn't Bella this time? Wait, that doesn't help.

  3. I second Devious Cat Paws as an awesome band name!

  4. Can I be the lead singer for Devious Cat Paws?

  5. I love how he's surveying his handiwork in that last photo. Little devil!

    Sunny usually starts meowing for food at night about a good HALF HOUR before we go upstairs, so our evenings usually consist of one of us yelling, "Sunny - NO!" repeatedly at her. When she gets really pissed, she hops up on the couch arm and slowly - while staring at us the whole time - pushes the remotes off the couch, one by one.

  6. It must be something about cats named Oliver. My mom's cat is named Oliver and he's a big fat jerk

  7. I once woke up to the sound of something breaking. I bolted out to the living room and there was a cat dish having been batted off the table in a defiant act of FEED ME NOW BITCHES by my cat. Needless to say, I did not give in and feed him at that moment.

    Cats are such jerks.

  8. heh heh. Oliver. I love you.

  9. Oliver! Not the decanter! Mommy needs a drink when you pull these stunts. What's she to do now? Drink straight out of the bottle?