March 11, 2011

new print options! eh? eh?

ok, all this input has been VERY helpful. things i have decided with the help of your feedback:

  • i need to keep that cliff in color
  • i think i really need 2 b&w photos. there's a lot going on in that space (even if not on that wall) and i think i need both prints in b&w to help tie the space together.

that being said... DAMN, that bicycle print is a hard one to pair up. so! here are more choices for you to give me opinions on! first up, what seems to be the current favorite "pair" of photos (i, uh, may be forcing a lot of people, including coworkers, to weigh in on this for me) which were both taken in amsterdam within a few minutes of each other :

the issue i have here is that while i like the row houses, it's not a picture i'd really print out on its own. and if i'm printing out a 16"x20" canvas of a photo, i feel like it should be of one i really like, not just one that matches well.

(for the record, i am FULLY AWARE of how unnecessarily i am overthinking this entire decision. humor me.)

so! next up we have a nice shot of the town of Cesky Krumlov, which is another one that looks FAR better in color (alas) but i don't believe brings on quite the feelings of dread when desaturated that the b&w cliff invoked in some of you:


and then! a new contender that i just b&w'd this morning on a whim: a sunset shot from a long-ago weekend in md:

so imagine them staggered, as per the handy diagram in the last post, not stacked on top of each other.

are any of those better options?


  1. I like the second set.

    I like the row houses but something about the van in the middle bugs me about the shot.

    The pairing of the bike picture with the tree scene makes me think the bikes don't belong there. Nature scene vs City Scape - I don't like the pairing.

    But, the middle two -the bike pic looks like a close up view of the larger city scape.

    Again, not that I have any idea what I'm talking about.

  2. Either of the first two are wonderful. WONDERFUL! I looked at the first pairing and thought, "Yes: THAT." Then you said you were a little meh on the row houses, so I moved reluctantly to the second pairing and thought, "YES!! THAT, even more than the first 'that'!"

  3. YES, I agree with Mrs. Irritation: the second pairing looks like a further-off and a closer-up view.

    I also like the way the first pairing is both "rows of similar things."

  4. Because I am a freak who LOOOOOVES silhouetted tree shots, I say go with the tree print. :)

  5. The tree is very stunning. However, hanging together I think the bike shot and the city shot. That city one is beautiful.

    I do think the row of houses would be very cute to if you could find a way to photoshop out that van. I'm with Mrs. looks sort of misplaced. Pesky vehicles.

  6. Oh and is there any way we can see the town shot in color? Id love to see it. But wait until you make a decision so we don't go all noooooo! Use the color one and then you are having to start all over =)

  7. I love the Amsterdam set. (I think I have the same picture of the row houses!)

  8. You know which one is my choice ;-)

  9. OK -

    set 1 - LOVE IT

    set 2 - I like it very much, but something about the row houses in set 1 appeals to me.

    set 3 - LOVE the tree shot, but it doesn't seem to "go" with the first one.

  10. I love the second set best. Hooray for honing in on a solution!

  11. For a totally different idea - how about you just have the bike one enlarged reaaaaaly big, then you only need one picture and don't have to worry about matching? Or make the bike one big, then make a bunch of your other photos small and arrange them in cluster frames? You have so many beautiful travel photos, and that would allow you to show off more of them.

  12. I like the third set the best. I love the dichotomy of the bikes and buildings with the serenity of the trees and water.

    Please make sure you share a photo of your final decision and how it looks in your place.

  13. I love the last set together. There is a continuity of perspective both with the horizontal and vertical in both photographs; you also have trees and water in both pictures. They work together well, IMHO.

    If you were more fond of the first set, I would have gone with that one. Of course, that would totally give you an Amsterdam theme to the room, and I'm not sure you're going for that.

  14. I am late to this, but I really like the second set.

    And think these sorts of things are really important!

  15. Ok, just looked at this dilemma, and while I like the second group the best together... I think the bike picture would be best as a stand alone piece! Is it not possible to just do one, but bigger? Or if not bigger, how about pairing it with a couple of metal candle sconces... oh, or maybe some wire art to accent the metal of the bike wheels?? You know I love LOTS of pictures, but sometimes things make a bigger statement on their own??

  16. The last set with the tree. Definitely.

  17. Tree! Or, do you have any photos of doors?

  18. I like the first set.

    Then again, the classiest decoration on my walls is a Big Trouble in Little China poster, so ...

  19. I like the bikes with the tree. I love that tree shot, it's all dark and twisty!