May 31, 2010

May charity: hip-hip, hooray, Electron Boy!

ha! i'm coming in under the wire, but i'm getting my may charity post up!

when i mentioned this project to a friend at work recently, he asked if he could make any requests for organizations i would donate to over the year, and his first pick was the make-a-wish foundation.

a few weeks later, i (along with most of the internet) read this story from make-a-wish's seattle chapter. in case you haven't heard about how electron boy saved seattle, do yourself a favor and read that article immediately. i guarantee you it will be the best thing you read today.

i can't think of a more fitting charity for this month, and i can't think of many things that would make me happier than being able to help them continue granting wishes like that one. if you'd like to donate to make-a-wish too, you can do so directly at their homepage here.

previous charities, if you're interested in donating:
the red cross
planned parenthood
providence house (via cleveland's a plum)
patriot guard riders


  1. The Electron Boy story is one of my favorite stories everrrr. Good donation choice.

  2. If you didn't tear up at least a little bit over that Seattle story, then you're not human. Great organization to support.

  3. What a wonderful story! Since I am from that general vicinity, I could follow Electron Boy's adventures quite nicely in my imagination.
    Shutting down I-405 AND I-5 is a major deal.
    I have an old high school friend whose daughter benefited from the make-a-wish foundation. I know they make a HUGE difference in the lives of not just the children but the entire family.

  4. I read that story a few weeks ago and it absolutely had me tearing up at my desk. Love it.

  5. My friends (including my boyfriend) are writing/drawing Electron Boy his own comic. It's going to be awesome!

  6. Jesus Christ Alice

    How are your bed bug bites doing ? lol

  7. I'm with Nilsa, if that story doesn't make you smile and tear up at the same time, there is a problem. What a great choice for a charity!