September 12, 2009

go big bluuuuuue

so, any big plans for anyone tomorrow? sunday funday maybe? because no big deal, but SOME of us are going to see the giants season opener IN GIANTS STADIUM TOMORROW. just, you know, fyi.

i'm heading up this afternoon (uh, by train, instead of the normal easy drive, since after this week's events my parents are sort of deathly afraid of having me drive more than 15 minutes at a time) and then tomorrow, my dad and i will go to the meadowlands. THE meadlowlands. home of giants stadium. where we will be.

in some REALLY AWESOME SEATS, incidentally. 10th row or something absolutely absurd. we get access to the super-secret-super-fancy restaurant in the club level, people. it's a BIG DEAL, trust me.

also, everyone who's about to give me shit for wearing such an old jersey can just go ahead and slow their roll, ok? i HAVE a newer jersey, but we all know how well THAT went last year. plus, i adore tiki and love wearing a vintage jersey that shows i was a Real Fan even before we won the superbowl. i would like to pick up a new one while i'm there, though - i'm thinking either umenyiora, kiwanuka, or jacobs. decisions, decisions..

the cats are totally excited about it too. i can tell.

i'll be back tuesday. GO BIG BLUE!!


  1. Gosh, are you a tiny bit excited? Maybe?

    Have fun! Go Giants!

  2. Sooo good to see you last night! And glad you are doing a lot better.

    Have a great time!

  3. LOL with your cats! :)

    I love a loyal fan. And yes, I know what a big deal those seats are! My brother has entertained clients in clubs at ball parks (work for him, though). HAVE FUN!

  4. Have a blast! & eat some horrifically terrible for you stadium food for me, pretty please.

  5. So fun! Go Giants! And also, in the future you shouldn't tell your parents these things. Now they'll never let you drive to see them again.

  6. I'm equally excited for Tom Brady to return and show T.O. and the Bills what more relevant news I think the train maybe a better idea- isn't the traffic getting to the stadium kinda bad?

  7. Your first kitty looks a lot like Murray!

    Thanks so much for coming Friday. It was a blast! :-)

  8. um you obviously need to get your cats some matching jerseys! they deserve to be decked out also.

  9. As much as I really don't care about the G-men (Go Steelers! See, that's why), looks like you had some good seats for the game. I had seats just like that last week for the Nats game and had a great time.

    Nice jersey though. Is it a new jersey?