July 17, 2009

blogher and ankles

hello friends! happy friday! do you know what today is? today is the day i officially start freaking out about blogher. because up until now i've pretty much pretended it didn't exist, and now i have three (3!!!!!!!!!!) business days until i hop on a plane and head on over. and i still don't have:
a) any clue what sessions to go to (looking at a list of them might be a good start..?)
b) any clue what parties to attend (obvs, much more important)
c) ANY clue what i'm packing (MOST PROBLEMATIC)
d) blogger business cards.
ha! whoops! i've created a little mock-up in ppt of lame little self-made business cards, and i plan to scoot over to staples today to have a bunch whipped up. so that's one problem half-assedly solved! (i mean, have you seen nilsa's gorgeous cards? mine will look... um. homemade.)

the other problems i'll hopefully tackle next week, because with the two friends in from out of town as of last night, there will be nothing but awesome sauce happening for the rest of the weekend. which: trust me, i'm not complaining. :-)

what i AM complaining about (because let's be honest, there's always something) is my GOSH DANG EFFING NO GOOD MOTHER LOVING SON OF A WANKER ankle. my stupid, useless ankle.

you may remember that i've had ankle problems in the past, but i did some physical therapy last summer and it went wonderfully. i've had zero problems since then, even though i've been very active. i run regularly, go to the gym, and do all manner of pickup sports without any problems (and without external support on my ankle), but i do still wear my ankle brace just as a preventative measure when i'm playing the kind of high-impact sports where my ankle has shown its vulnerabilities in the past - like ultimate, for example, which involves a lot of lateral movement and sudden direction changes, plus jumping and potentially landing wrong on an ankle. and this isn't some pansy neoprene sleeve acting as a brace. no, this is a BRACE. lace up, vinyl laminated, brace. this one, actually:

it's wonderful. strong, stiff, secure.. everything you want in an ankle brace. and i still ROLLED MY ANKLE COMPLETELY OVER while wearing it last night, during a game of ultimate.

i'm so ANGRY about it. in pain, sure, but far more frustrated and pissed off. i hate that my body keeps breaking down like this, when i'm honestly not asking anything superhuman of it. i know i have bad ankles, so i've taken precautions, gone to physical therapy, i treat them well, and even lace them up in braces when i know they'll have trouble. and i still can't get through two casual pick up games of ultimate without one collapsing under me. it's very, very frustrating.

but. i have a fantastic weekend planned, so i'm going to do my best to ignore my ankle for now. and hey, i sprained an already-weak ankle LAST year while i was in chicago around this time; why not make it a tradition? i'll be the one at blogher with an ankle the size of a cantaloupe!


  1. Blogher sounds uber excited...

    too bad there's not a Bloghim....

  2. have fun at blogher!!! and keep up with the balance exercises from physical therapy - i think you will get stronger :)

  3. SO jealous you are going to BlogHer! Take lots of pictures and meets lots of people and then report back.

    I really hope your ankle heals quickly and you don't have anymore issues with it.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Give me a sneak peak of the business cards. Pretty please! I'm dying over here!

    Also, I have weak stupid ankles, too, from playing too many years of co-ed soccer. And, unfortunately, they never fully heal. The best thing I ever did for my ankles? Stopped playing soccer. I hate to tell you to stop playing ultimate. But, I promise you'll continue to injure your ankles unless you stop. Wah!

  5. Oh, you're going to be in Chicago? Come say hi!

  6. That sucks, lady! I used to have really bad ankles. I probably still do have really bad ankles, I'm just too lazy to do anything to anger them. So clearly, you should just be more lazy. Problem solved!

  7. Well, that's not exactly a tradition you might hope for, but at least it is something...
    Have a great time in Chi-town!
    My knees and feet officially rebelled and I no longer play softball. I watched my downfall during one season and it was fast and furious.

  8. While I have a vague idea of what the BlogHer conference is all about, I had no idea you made business cards for them.

    My knee has rebelled since I tore my ACL back in high school which ended my football and wrestling career so I feel your pain.

  9. I'm so jealous. Blah!

    And I sure you saw it in her post, but you should ask SoMi for her spreadsheets of all the sessions... duh!

  10. Man, I kind of wish I was going now just to get the cards...I love that idea!

  11. That brace is teh hottttness. Please bring it to the Chi.


  12. I agree the parties and the packing *would* be most important. Have a great time!

  13. Mine will be homemade, too. Fear not.

    Yay you're going to be here sooooon! Maybe you can drag me to castaways again to re-sprain your ankle. You know, so you can be easily identified as the one whose ankle looks like a balloon.

  14. Ooo, that SUCKS about your ankle! I have what my dad lovingly calls "rubber ankles" too, and it is so frustrating. Last year I was home for Christmas when my ankle twisted for NO GOOD REASON in the parking lot of a TARGET, for God's sake. And I fell, of COURSE, and when I got up, OF COURSE, there was this girl I went to high school with being like, "Hey, Jess! Long time no see!"

  15. I really don't have a clue about any of that stuff at BlogHer either, but I don't care. I'm just going to have fun. I'm going to email you my cell so we can get in touch, okay?

  16. Have a wonderful trip to Chicago! I know how much you have been looking forward to this!

    And nurse that poor ankle! Don't you hate getting old!?!

  17. Look for an "Active Ankle" brace. They work better than those lace ups.

  18. Oh wow... I've had ankle problems through my life too, but it doesn't sound as bad as yours... ankle problems are a big old bee-yotchhh....

  19. I hope your ankle is feeling better! It's so frustrating when we feel we can be at a certain athletic level but our stupid bodies are holding us behind! :(