June 19, 2009

it's STILL not the weekend..?

haha! well, um, that was fun for you google reader folks, eh? eeesh.

i must admit, while not in the overly dramatic teenage-angsty way that 9% beer apparently has a way of bringing out in me, i DO still feel... well, annoyed, i guess is the right word. not devasted or depressed or waily, just irked. because i know someone will come into my life "when the time is right," or "when i'm ready," but to quote ted from HIMYM, i guess i'm just tired of waiting.

aaaaaanyhow. moving on! i'm headed up to NJ tonight for a wholesome weekend with the family, because my awesome little sister is home from cali visiting our parents this week. it coincides well with father's day, which my dad is awfully happy about - i don't know the last time both his girls were home at the same time for father's day. to celebrate, i'm taking him out to a crappy (read: awesome) action movie that no one else will go see with him. i'm thinking either pelham 123 or star trek, both of which look pretty great.

we also got him this, from thinkgeek.com:
to be honest, i'm not 100% sure what it is, except that we know it's tool, and it uses nerdy science to make it work, which are pretty much the two requirements in finding something my dad will like.

any good weekend plans for you guys?


  1. Not going to lie- I thought it was a sex toy at first.

  2. that tool looks fun!! too bad i would never figure out how to use it :)
    i'm off to charleston, sc this weekend & i'll make sure to update the old blog once i'm back :)
    have fun in jersey!!

  3. Yay New Jersey! My dad is also thrilled to be with both his kids on Father's Day. I can't remember the last time that happened, either.

  4. I'm not sure which is worse: that I immediately thought, "Oh, it's like the one Dr. Who has," or that the description itself references Dr. Who.

    Either way, it goes a long way to explain why I'm single.

    Go watch Star Trek with your dad this weekend. It's a lot fun. And that's actually what I'm offering to do with my Dad on Sunday. We used to watch Star Trek movies together when I was a kid.

  5. You know, at first I thought that said "adjustable watch", and I was like, "Really?"

  6. @Dmbosstone So did I. But no one's surprised by that.

    My rules for shopping for my dad: 1) Nerdy tech thing none of us understand, OR 2) Golf-related.

  7. I'm with dmbosstone ... I thought you were putting naughty things up on your blog ... and was so disappointed to find out it's just a wrench. Tell me it doubles as a dildo and you'll make my weekend. haha.

  8. Tonight I'm having dinner at my dad's, then tomorrow I'm going to CT to see my friend's new house. Sunday it's to my dad's again to celebrate Father's Day, and on all the off time, when I'm not sleeping, I'll be playing WoW.

    I have such a weekend planned lol.

  9. yeah, Jersey!

    but there's so much to do this weekend... i couldn't even fit in this box. i'm not sure that that's a good thing yet.

  10. I went to respond to that other post and it was gone, but I just want to say, were I not married and had any inclination that you swung that way? I'd totally marry you.

    I think you are AWESOME and wish that I were going to BlogHer so that I could meet you.

  11. I actually saw your previous blog post which you removed in my reader and I wanted to tell you that you have every right to feel annoyed/angry/irritated or what have you. Yeah, the right person comes along when you least expect and blah blah blah. But it's so effing annoying until he does! Oy! Take it from me, been there and done that.

    But take a deep breathe and try not to let it consume you. You are an awesome lady and you only deserve and awesome guy.:)

    By the way, take your dad to see Star Trek. I took my dad to watch it and it's AWESOME.

    I use "awesome" a little to much don't I?

    Have a wonderful weekend! *end very long comment*

  12. I totally get where you were coming from/are coming from... I hit that stage at an even younger age and it is really hard to not TRY so very hard (because that = desperate, from which all normal men run away). I do remember making the decision to be true to myself and who I was and just go out and do stuff I wanted to do.

    PUI (posting under the influence) is a dangerous thing. It's bad enough that I was commenting one night after 2 margaritas!

    And now you are making me look bad because a)none of us kids are going to be with my dad on Sunday, and b)I didn't get his card mailed on time, nor do I have a gift for him yet. (Okay, so you didn't need to do anything to make me look bad.. I managed that on my own!)
    Hope you are having fun in Jersey!

  13. Ha - I totally thought that tool was a sex toy.

    I had kickass plans for this weekend. Tonight I was supposed to be at the Coldplay concert. Instead, I am at home watching "What Not to Wear" reruns and hating my tonsils.

    Aaannnd I did read your previous post in my reader. I have no advice to give - I met Shawn in a bar. While very drunk. And I went home with him that night (don't tell my mom!) - but I will say this: You rock.

  14. I thought it was a sex toy at first, too.

    Sorry I was too late for the missing post! You can tell me all about it though b/c less than a month for BlogHer! :)

  15. I missed that post, so I don't understand the first paragraph OR that wacky tool, but I hope you're feeling better about whatever you posted about, and I hope your dad enjoyed his nerdy new gift!

  16. Every confident, independent, 20something has said it. Everyone thinks none of the others have, but we all have. We've all been in that place where it's f'ing sh**y and you just want someone to hold you and WHY THE CRAP WON'T SOMEONE because I'M A GOOD FREAKING PERSON. I know. It sucks. It's sometimes better, but mostly sucky and lonely. The nice thing, though, is that you have such great friends to distract and help.

    And I'd tap it. I think you're a total hottie. I'd tap it with my big pregnant belly, hows that for creepy comment?