May 08, 2009

mornings and weddings

i am very much not a morning person. i hate getting out of bed no matter what time of day it is, but especially if that time is before 10am. which, of course, is virtually every day ever. and regardless of what time i've gone to bed, each minute earlier the next morning is a wee bit more painful than the next. so there is an enormous difference between 8am and 8:30am, for me. if i have workers scheduled to arrive at the house at 8:30, for example, the difference between 8 and 8:30 is whether or not i'll be bathed, clothed, or awake. so of course, the workers scheduled to arrive at 8:30 this morning arrived at 8. HA HA.


my very lovely friend liz's wedding is this weekend (for which i bought the pretty new dress!). i'm reading during the ceremony, and as it's a catholic ceremony i guess it has to be one of a few approved texts? mine is the one from corinthians that even i'd heard before, about how love isn't rude or mean spirited, love is patient, etc.

i'm, um, very much not catholic. i never went to church of any kind growing up. i read the old testament for a literature class. so when i got the reading, which was labeled:


...i gchatted my friend silvia for some bible 101:

me: so at the top it says "a reading from I CORINTHIANS 13"
me: umm.. is that 1 corinthians? or i corinthians?
Silvia: it's first corinithians
me: ohhh HAHAA first corinthians! that sounds much better
me: i was all "i corinthians? like i, robot? that doesn't sound right."

i can't wait to get struck by lightening during the ceremony!


  1. glad i could help miss alice!!
    have fun at the wedding and tell liz we say congrats!!!

  2. I had to do a reading at a Catholic wedding and the verse included the word stag. Don't think for a minute I didn't giggle when I had to say it. I blame the bride for making me read it in the first place. hahaha. Have a great weekend!

  3. I, Corinthians! Hahaaahaa haaaa!!

  4. hahahaha! How much more fun would this have been had you not asked your friend if it was I or 1?

    I kid, I kid.

    Have a wonderful time! :)

  5. This is hilarious because we actually had someone read 1 Corinthians at our wedding as a shout out to Brett's family, but I had no idea what it was about or had even read it until they read it at my own wedding ceremony. Pathetic. Obviously the ceremony/wedding was more for the family than it was for us.

  6. I'm an atheist and I can pretty much quote 1 Corinthians by heart. That's everywhere. Especially in weddings.

    I would have paid good money to hear you read "I, Corinthians" during the ceremony, though.

  7. Lol, don't worry God has a sense of humour (hence why he create i Robot)! That aside, I totally hear you on the morning thing...I think it's like a disease. No matter if I get 6 hours of sleep or 10 the night before, if I wake up pre-730 I am a zoooombie! Like today!

  8. John Beckwith: 20 bucks, First Corinthians.

    Jeremy Grey: Double or nothing, Colossians 3:12

    I can never hear anyone recite Corinthians at a wedding without thinking of that film.

  9. When I read this I was thinking of my sister's wedding when my dad did the reading and it included the passage SoMi is talking about. I must say, when it mentions the "leaping stag" I was kinda like "Whoa, that's the Bible?"

    Have fun at the wedding, I'm sure you'll kill in that dress.

  10. I wouldn't even have THOUGHT to ask how to read that. Props to you. Have fun at the wedding!

  11. Proof that the Bible is a dangerous book, full of truth and humor. God won't smite you; I bet he was laughing, too.

    Old Testament humor: Abraham was 100 years old, his wife Sarah was 90, and they were told they'd have a son. His name? Isaac means "laughter."

    Have a fantastic time at the wedding!
    May all responsibilities be after 10am. ;)

  12. I'm pretty sure the next time I step in a church I'll go up in flames.

    Or God will poop on me. I'm pretty sure he's not a fan of TMI Thursdays.

  13. So how was it? Did the reading go okay?

  14. I so would not have known that either. Lightning, party of two?

  15. I prefer to think of it as iCorinthians. Apple's contribution to church.