April 03, 2009

new books!

last night was the dreaded / anticipated first frisbee game of the year. and the first frisbee game for me since the summer BEFORE last. i was super excited to play again, but also worried that my body would essentially fall apart into screaming little shards in the middle of a point. i am happy to report that while technically, i still pretty much suck, i *was* in better shape than i'd hoped, and i managed to play the full 3 hours without getting more winded than is normal for playing frisbee for three hours. and today, my quads and buttucular region are actually doing ok! i feel pretty good! ....uh, aside from my ankles, my knee, and my entire back. which means that a) hooray for me, i'm in better shape than i thought, and i didn't rip my muscles apart with the effort last night, but b) i'm old, and now my stupid JOINTS hurt when i play. LOVELY.

hey, know what i'll be doing one week from right now? packing for the dominican! HUZZAH! i leave very early on saturday morning, and may have plans to go out friday night, so i'm starting to do a little mental packing in my head already. i've vowed not to buy a single new item for this trip, since it's already a little.. um... exorbitant, shall we say? of me to spontaneously jet down to the caribbean. but man, it's HARD. i want a cute new bathing suit! and a cute new caribbean-worthy skirt! and new flip flops! but no. no no no no. DO NOT NEED.

two things i am allowing myself to purchase: sunscreen (obviously) and books. i've stashed a can of my cannot-live-without, best-thing-since-sliced-bread spray on sunscreen in my carry on before, so i'm hoping to slip through with it again this time. or have it taken from me at security and pay the jacked up 3x price once i'm down there for a new can, whatever. i refuse to check a bag for a 4 day trip for which i'll hardly be dressed most of the time.

and then books! yay! i stopped by b&n last weekend while waiting for the nearby bar to reopen for the day where i'd left my tab open the night before (whoops) and scored 4 new books for the trip. i made myself buy 2 books from the discount section, then allowed myself one trashy/awesome thriller (i cannot travel without one of those. it's a law) and then one full priced book with no restrictions. i came away with:

The Invisible, by Andrew Britton. this is the "cheesy thriller" of the bunch. i hope. plot and/or rating completely irrelevant.

Icy Sparks, by Gwyn Hyman Rubio. bargain book #1. also the "serious" book choice of the four. it's an Oprah book club book, so you know it'll be nice and emotionally over the top. it's apparently about an oprhan in rural kentucky in the 1950s that has a turrets-like syndrome, but because it's rural 1950s kentucky, she just has a shitty life instead of getting diagnosed. should be a real pick-me-up!

bargain book #2 is The Good German, by Joseph Kanon. the cover informed that it's now a Major! Motion! Picture! with george clooney, cate blanchett, and tobey maguire. i'd never heard of the book OR the movie, but i like all three of those actors and figure they can't ALL have picked a completely shitty book-turned-movie, right? it's a ww2 thriller slash love story slash "exploration of the nature of justice and what we mean by good and evil in times of peace and war." probably the "best" book in the bunch, which means i'll probably, um, not get around to it.

and finally, the total guilty pleasure: Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse. i've heard this book is HORRIBLE. however, i knew i was going to end up reading this book at some point or another... because the main character has the same name as me. which means that you can now find out my last name if you really want. but dude! that's kind of cool. i'm the heroine of a book! and she's a cheesy indiana-jones-esque, adventuring-archeological type. and i think there's time travel. should be right up my alley, honestly.


  1. Yay! DR! You're going to have SO MUCH FUN.

  2. What?! No new swim suit? And flip flops? And swim suit wrap? But you must! Just for the shear joy of getting something new.

    Actually, don't listen to me, I'm a shopping whore.

    Definitely don't check your bag for such a short trip. Totally not worth it.

  3. Glad to hear that ultimate went well! I miss playing...

  4. "Should be a real pick-me-up!"--HA HA HA HA HA!!

    I love your book-shopping-trip rules.

  5. I'm a bit of a library snob, but I confess to snatching my dh's Border's gift card (hey! It's been laying around since Christmas! Free game!) and buying a couple of book club books.
    I also went shopping today. Online JCPenney coupon (15% off) PLUS opened a card there for another 10% off, PLUS they were having a great sale. Woot!! Big back of clothes all for me, for less than $100. But no flip flips, no swimsuit, no skirt, no wrap. :(
    I can't read a cry book on vacation. Why wants to cry on the beach or the plane?

  6. I'm pretty sure I read Icy Sparks. I'm also pretty sure I thought it was good. But ack! I cannot say that is 100% reliable information, since I obviously don't even know for absolute certain that I read it. I really think I did...

    Make sure you tell us what you think of Labyrinth; it sounds interesting. Though you do realize that when I read the book, the main character will totally look JUST LIKE YOU in my head.

  7. I don't know if I could read Labyrinth... it was scary enough WITH David Bowie, I am now scarred forever!

  8. OO! Ive been looking for good new books, I've read icy spakrs but i'll put the others on my list!

  9. You should get "The Stand" by Steven King.

    Because if you do, it's the only book you'll never for like 7 weeks. It's 1000+ pages.

    The dude just has no edit button.

  10. So jealous! It's funny, I have The Good German which I also bought for a vacation but haven;t read it yet AND I had gotten the Labyrinth books for Xmas from my exes sisters and freaking ex left it in Scotland! Arg, it sounded so cool. Now I refuse to buy it haha.

    Frisbee's a workout? Good on you. I fucking hate them. No matter WHERE I am, unless I am playing they will always hit me on the head. Without fail. Always. It's weird. And embarassing. And scary.

  11. I need a vacation to read some books. Though, I'm pretty sure I'd wind up sleeping more than reading. Oh well. You are going to have such a great time!!!

  12. There is something absolutely ADDICTIVE about purchasing new things before a trip. Be it trip to the Caribbean or trip to New Hampshire or camping trip. It's just... necessary. I don't know why.

    And yes, you need to let us know about Labyrinth. It sounds so horrible, it's going to be good. I know it.

  13. How is it that you get to travel so often?