January 29, 2009

let's just hope love is blind

so! yesterday officially started my two weeks of glasses, otherwise known as my mr magoo impersonation attempt. and i am already a huge whiney cry baby about it.

i feel weird, i can't see right, i'm all squinty, and dagnabbit, i just DON'T LIKE wearing glasses. whine. pout. foot stomp. yes, i'd like some cheese with my whine.

it's not even that i think my glasses are super unflattering - the last time i updated them, i specifically got some that were slightly stylish (the gay guy at the glasses store = a huge help) - i just.. meh. i don't feel like me. if i go through all of this and i'm not even a good candidate for the lasik? GAH. oh, and if i AM a good candidate? i had been sort of wishy-washy about whether or not i should go through with it, but by gum, if they'll let me, i now want to get it done IMMEDIATELY AFTER MY CONSULT because otherwise i have to go through ANOTHER two weeks of glasses before the actual surgery, and MY GOD PEOPLE, i am only human.

OH. AND. i had a first date with a new guy last night. all squinty and stuff. AWESOME.

here is bespectacled alice:

i feel sort of like a bad tina fey impersonator.

the date went pretty well, i think - the bar shut down at 10 (??) and i assumed that meant we'd go our separate ways, but the the guy (we'll call this one The Hacker) requested we relocate to a new venue instead to continue chatting. we ended up staying out too late and i missed the last metro home, so he kindly drove me all the way back to my place. we'll see what happens now, and if/when i hear from him next.

in other news, my cats continue to be absurd. this is a completely non-staged photo from yesterday, when oliver did this HIMSELF, and refused to leave even after i shut the door on him several times:

he's... not right.


  1. I like those glasses! And you look like...someone...it'll come to me....nope...but, SOMEONE FAMOUS.

    The boy sounds like he has a lot of promise!

    Oh, Oliver. What a lovable dope. I love his expression: "EXCUSE ME? Leave me and the Fresca alone, will ya?"

  2. I like you in glasses.

    And that picture is awesome!

  3. The glasses look awesome! I'm sorry they make you grumpy.

  4. love that oliver is in the fridge! lol tooooooo cute!
    as for the glasses - i wear mine everyday, and i love it! if you need help getting around this weekend, you can put a hand on my shoulder & i will lead you around atl :)

  5. You look super cute in glasses! I know how you feel though, I can't see right when I wear them!

  6. I think you look cute wearing glasses!
    Oliver continues to scare me.

  7. I happen to agree that you look great in those glasses.
    I had an eye doctor appt yesterday. It took HOURS for my eyes to un-dilate and return to normal. I wore sunglasses while I cooked supper. Yeah, that's super sexy. NOT.

    Cleopatra thinks Oliver is handsome, but weird. Either that, or she is going to be climbing into my fridge soon. (Luckily, there's no room)

  8. Our cat Maggie was a fiend for Boston Butt that the local high school band would sell every fall. When she was a kitten, we lost her for several hours...she had jumped in the fridge when someone put the Butt away. No harm to the cat, but a chunk of that meat was gone!

  9. I'm in the camp that likes the glasses.

    Very chic.

  10. I think you look so adorable with your glasses! You are way too harsh on yourself thinking you don't look good.

    Oliver is just plain hilarious. :)

  11. I'm with everyone else - you look cute in your glasses. Which is why The Hacker wanted to see more of you.

    I think you're totally getting in the way of Oliver's plans.

  12. You look good in glasses.

    If you were Oliver, would you leave? Finally, privacy, and leftover pizza to boot.

  13. Okay, I'll confess - I pay your cats to do this stuff. They're worth every penny.

  14. You hate your glasses? Really? I think you look super cute in them actually!

    And you cats are so outrageously cute.

  15. I like the glasses! But once you are used to a certain style, it's hard to change. My husband wears glasses and it would be weird to see him not wearing them.

    Is Oliver too hot? What a cutie!

  16. I think you look so cute in glasses. I am too lazy to wear my contacts more than twice a week. Lame!

    Oliver cracks me up. Things like this make me want a cat. Nightmares like I had last night of my SIL's cat attacking my nephew, however, make me never want to get a cat.


  17. I love cats.

    You and I have the exact same fridge! Destined, friends, and all that. ;)

    the Hacker sounds interesting, too!

  18. But, what if you actually can get the surgery and it's all successful and shit. My guess is 3 months down the road, you'll have completely forgotten eye-glasses episode. I'm just saying...

    PS - That picture of Oliver cracks me up (and normally, I'm not entertained by cats)!

  19. You're giving the rest of us bespectacled girls a complex, yo.

    Maybe the cat's trying to tell you the fridge should have more than leftover PJ and Fresca in it. Or not. Whatever. :)

  20. What a funny cat! That pic is just crying out for a Lolcats caption....

  21. So cute!

    And if they make you angry, then at least you're motivated for surgery and are cute in the mean time!

  22. Not to sound REPETITIVE, but I think you look good in glasses. :) Also, Oliver is too funny!

  23. I'll add my 2 cents as well and say that you look great in your glasses, you did a nice job picking them out. They may make you feel icky, but at least you look good!

    And if you stayed out past the metro, then that's a great sign...

  24. 1. Oliver is crazy
    2. I love the things in your fridge
    3. I like the glasses!
    4. Hooray for dates! Let's gchat soon and catch up in more detail!

  25. the glasses were VERY stylish. Meant to tell you that this morning!

  26. I like the glasses! But I'm a pro-glasses sort of girl. :-)

    And the cat in the fridge is hilarious.

  27. My eyesight is just starting to go. I hate it as I have a face so narrow it looked like it was stuck in vise. Sunglasses are no better and living here in L.A. I have no choice but to look like a true idiot.

    as far as the date goes, I am aiming for a first date, I envy you.

  28. I too hated being a "glasses" guy. Because your look is not forced upon you! You have to work around it!

    But I was surprised at how many compliments I got.

    The specs are dope!

  29. SOOOO late, but I agree with everyone that FWIW, I LOVE those glasses.

    And you know how I feel about The Lasah. BEST.