October 09, 2008

happy birthday to me!

so today i turn 28. i tend to fall on the younger end of my friend spectrum (usually one of the younger kids in my grade growing up, etc) so i don't usually "feel" old whenever i turn a new age, since everyone else has already done it before me. but 28... huh. i'm not exactly upset, per se, but it seems.. i don't know... slightly more bothersome, let's say, than previous ages.

but! i took the day off work today, got a massage, and now i'm home watching excellently awful tv (paris hilton's my new bff, anyone?) before getting ready to go out for happy hour. so i'd have to say that so far, 28 has been going pretty well.

and what better way to celebrate than with a fashion show? my banana shopping spree clothes arrived recently, so while completely drunk off wine on tuesday night i took pictures of myself in all the new arrivals because that's a TOTALLY NORMAL THING TO DO at midnight on a tuesday. also.. uh.. let's ignore my hair. and lack of makeup. kthx.

unfortunately, i don't think any of the tops are too hot:


i have a fairly long torso, so i appreciate it when a shirt doesn't ride up and show my belly button, but this is just TOO long. it just ends up bunching on my hips and looking awkward.

this one's pretty cute, BUT probably not cute enough to wear a strapless bra for... which would be necessary, as you can see from the picture. i sort of hate strapless bras in general, and sort of feel like the girls really need the benefit of the over-the-shoulder hoist, you know? so a shirt has to REALLY be worth it for me to deal with a strapless bra on its behalf.

i love the sleeves on this dress, but i should have known better than to try a dress this plain. my body is too boxy for a tshirt dress... i need seams.

BUT, can we talk about how much i love this sweater??

LOVE. adore. wearing it tonight.

so lastly, what do you think of this jacket? this is a terrible picture (in many ways) - for one, pretend i don't look like a miserable prisoner of war here; secondly, the color is actually a gorgeous sort of forest green, which doesn't show up nicely in this grainy picture; and lastly, omg someone needs to maybe wash their mirrors from time to time?? - but what say you: cute, or too boxy?

while you guys weigh in on how much of my purchase i should return, i'm off to prettify myself for happy hour. my goal is to look slightly less miserable / more alive than in this set here, good gods.


  1. Happy birthday! Yay!

    I really, really like the first top. And the dress! It looks fantastic on you, and not at all boxy. If you still think it needs something (which I don't because you have the perfect figure), maybe try it with a funky belt?

    As for the jacket, I dunno. Maybe it's just the shirt underneath, but it looks too short or something. DON'T HATE ME. (Like I am qualified at ALL to give fashion advice.)

    [runs away]

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! 28 was great fun for me! You will have a blast!

    I actually really like the first shirt (1st picture), and the dress, and both jackets. The second jacket (last picture) looks super good on you.

    But that's just my opinion. And I know what you mean when you say the girls need more support with the straps.

  3. LOVE LOVE the last jacket! YES, keep it!

    and happy birthday! I felt the same way at 26 ... it was hard, for some reason. Since then, they've all been meh, though (my attitude, not the actual year) so maybe there's hope!

  4. Happy Birthday! As your birthday present, I am giving you bossy advice: YOU MUST KEEP THAT DRESS. Seriously, it looks AWESOME on you.

    I also love the sweater and I like the last jacket, too- not too boxy at all. I also love your brown boots and am currently plotting a trip to your house to steal them.

  5. 1) I like the top but I don't have a problem with strapless bras, so I can concede you that point if you do.

    2) I LOVE THE DRESS and it looks awesome. KEEP IT.

    3) Sweater = Joy and Perfection

    4) Nice jacket! I LIKE.

    5) Happy birthday!

  6. Happy birthday!

    Now, I don't care what you say because that dress looks fantastic on you. You need to keep it. SERIOUSLY.

    Also, the jacket is very cute also.

    Strapless bra top? I would return it. If you're like me, you'll keep it thinking that someday you might not mind wearing a strapless bra with it but then 5 years later you will find it in the back of your closet with the tags still on and it will get dumped in a Salvo-bound bag.

    So, yeah. Keep that dress.

  7. Happy Birthday!!

    I actually like the first top but the other 2 are meh.

    I think you look fabulous in the dress and I have no idea what you're talking about when you say you're too boxy. Keep the dress. You look hot.

    Love the sweater and jacket.

    Have fun tonight!

  8. Happy Birthday!

    Ummm.... I think ditch shirts 1, 2 and 3. Keep the brown dress and the 4-button sweater. The green jacket's ok, maybe with a skirt?

    Have fun out there tonight!

  9. I probably wouldn't trust my judgment on any questions that are clothes related. So I will refrain from saying anything except, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALICE!"

  10. I like that first shirt a lot. And you are TOTALLY SMOKING in that dress. I LOVE IT with those boots. You look like a supermodel, srsly. I like the jacket a lot: flattering, classy, distinctive, awesome.

  11. happy birthday! I think you look so fiiine in all of the pictures and I wouldn't return any of the clothing.



  13. Happy birthday :)

    I like all the stuff you brought, theres nothing wrong with that dress (and OMG those boots!! WANT)

  14. The ONLY thing I don't like is the last picture with the green jacket. It does look a bit too boxy for your absolutely smoking figure. Happy Birthday!
    Now, excuse me, I have to go work out.

  15. NO NO NO. You NEED that dress.

  16. When I got to the pic of you in the dress, my thought was Woah, HOT. So yeah, keeping the dress is necessary!

    Let's ask the hubs...hubs says hot. 2 out of 2 in this house agree. Dress wins!

  17. oh and Happy Birthday! duh.

  18. Happy Birthday! You look great! I do love the last sweater - not too boxy! And the dress is great! The tops look good too, but are doing the annoying boob stretch thing. Still, all good finds. And the boots... love em!

    Have a great day, hottie!

  19. i love the dress, sweater and jacket! ADORE them. i think they look FAB on you.

    hope your birthday night rocked! xoxo

  20. happy birthday al-dog!! welcome to the 28 year old club! i've been rocking it well since july. i'm glad i have another member to share it with

    and even thought you didn't choose the dress, i love it on you with the boots too!

    hope you had a blast tonight!


  21. Cute clothes, The one with the strap showing would drive me nuts!

  22. I LOVE the dress on you. Not boxy at all, and looks great with those boots. Also love the sweater. Wasn't a huge fan of the tops, but the adorable sweater can make any of them look excellent! The last outfit is super cute.

    Hope you had a great birthday - I remember when I turned 27, that was my difficult year. 28 and up haven't been bad, mostly because I keep acting 17 and that works to keep the fear of getting older at bay.

  23. Happy birthday! 28 is not old. Of course, coming from a 34-year-old, that probably doesn't mean much to you. ;-)

    I have the same criteria about shirts requiring a strapless bra. It really has to be worth it to deal with one of those.

    Also, I think the brown dress is cute! Especially with those boots.

  24. Happy Birthday! I like the sweater and I do like that dress. But what's important is for you to like it.

    Hope it was a great day. Here's to 28 (for you)!

  25. I really like that jacket - it flatters your shape! The dress is cute, with a belt or something it wouldn't be boxy at all!? The first shirt is really nice too!

  26. I'm late! I'm sorry :( Happy belated birthday!

  27. First top gets high ratings; dress is not boxy on you! just add a chunky long necklace and it will rock, and I like that final forest green jacket.

    But more importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    I know, I'm late. But we've got houseguests. Yeah, that's my excuse. Go have a glass of wine for me, will you?

  28. I love the dress! Just add a belt to it :)

    And the first top is lovely on you :)

  29. Happy belated birthday!

    But I feel way under qualified to comment on fashion. Most of the time I just say "That looks nice" before getting yelled at.

  30. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sorry I'm so late! I love that dress - it looks gorgeous on you! The sweater is great, too.

  31. This blog is the absolute, hands-down worst kind of blog - utterly, utterly self-serving, self-focused nonsense. if at 26 you need 31 opinions on which boring clothes to buy... sigh.

    i pity your man...

  32. dude, anonymous, get it right. i'm twenty-EIGHT. sheesh. i prefer my spineless petulant commenters to at least be ACCURATE in their pointless insults! put some effort into it, you know?

  33. wait! i love the brown dress! i think it looks great on you, especially with the boots!?